Cosmetic medicine treatments Krakow

Cosmetic medicine is one of the youngest, and at the same time most dynamically developing branches of medicine. It focuses on comprehensive embellishment and rejuvenation, which not only improves the quality of life, but also reduces some health problems. Nowadays, aesthetic medicine offers a range of modern treatments that effectively and safely bring you closer to your dream look. Aesthetic medicine covers a whole range of treatments, varied in terms of their invasiveness, efficiency, and required recovery time. The most invasive treatments are plastic surgeries that require the use of a scalpel. More often, they are replaced with much less invasive procedures, yet with a comparable end result. These are especially laser therapies and cosmetology offering injection treatments. Not to forget the beauty cosmetics, which thanks to the use of innovative cosmetic preparations can provide a spectacular effect.

Cosmetic medicine – safety above all

Cosmetic medicine is characterized by high efficiency and, at the same time, safety of performed procedures. And indeed – a properly performed procedure should not involve side effects. Choosing a reputable aesthetic medicine clinic and qualified specialists is necessary to avoid any post-treatment disappointment. It is worth bearing in mind that some more invasive procedures cannot be performed by a cosmetologist, but only by a Cosmetic medicine doctor. This is important not only for the success of the treatment itself, but also for comprehensive postoperative care. Aesthetic medicine safety is also determined by the use of only certified apparatus and the highest quality preparations. Most often, the high quality of services goes hand in hand with the price – therefore very attractive prices should arouse suspicion. The patient’s cooperation with the doctor in the area of ​​pre-and post-procedural management results in the success of cosmetic medicine procedures. Detailed conversation with the patient, precise determination of expectations towards the target effect of the treatments as well as planning a comprehensive therapy plan play the key role.

How to choose the best aesthetic medicine doctor?

Aesthetic medicine doctor is a specialist who can comprehensively and inclusively takes care of the young and attractive appearance of the patient. Aesthetic medicine is not a specialization, but a medical skill, which can be gained by a doctor of any specialization through postgraduate and professional courses. How to recognize whether an aesthetic medicine doctor is a trustworthy professional? Each visit should start with a detailed medical history, which aims to exclude contraindications to individual cosmetic medicine treatments. It is equally important to precisely determine the target effect of the treatment. The professional will not agree uncritically on any procedure that the patient wants to perform – the criterion for qualifying for treatments should be the patient’s health, as well as maintaining the most natural and harmonious appearance. The best showcase of the cosmetic medicine doctor are his satisfied patients who look young and radiant, yet no one suspects them of excessive interference in the appearance. It is worth paying attention to such details as the use of gloves during the procedures or the assessment of the patient’s skin condition only after the make-up removal. Much about the physician of aesthetic medicine and his sense of aesthetics is also said by the presence of the doctor himself.

What are the most popular cosmetic medicine treatments?

Cosmetic medicine offers a number of treatments that allow effective and safe correction of any aesthetic face and body defects. Needle mesotherapy enables comprehensive face rejuvenation (wrinkles, scars and discolorations removal, firming the skin) and improvement of body appearance (stretch marks and cellulite reduction), as well as strengthening excessively falling hair. Similar applications include treatments using platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s blood. Injection lipolysis enables non-surgical removal of fat accumulated on the face (chin, under the eyes) and in any body area. Thanks to the use of botulinum toxin it is possible to correct mimic wrinkles on the face (crow’s feet, smoker’s wrinkles, rabbit wrinkles) as well as neck and neckline wrinkles. Botox also allows treatment of hyperhidrosis. In turn, hyaluronic acid gives the opportunity to fill wrinkles and furrows (lion’s wrinkle, marionette furrows, nasolabial folds, tear valleys, forehead wrinkles) while moisturizing the skin, correcting the shape of the nose or the shape and size of the lips. Fillers also allow the face and cheeks contours improvement. PDO lifting threads result in rejuvenating the face, improving its oval and reducing the double chin, drooping cheeks or eyebrows, providing a natural and long-lasting effect.

Is convalescence required after cosmetic medicine?

Cosmetic medicine offers treatments with limited invasiveness, so in many cases long-lasting convalescence is not required. Most often an almost immediate return to daily activity is possible. In the case of some treatments, temporary reddening or swelling of the skin may occur in the treated area, which disappears spontaneously. Our specialists provide comprehensive information on the convalescence period, which allows very fast healing of the skin and satisfaction with the spectacular effects of the treatment.