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Medycyna estetyczna Aesthetic medicine allows us to successfully fight against the signs of aging and to smooth away any unwanted aesthetic imperfections. It lets us highlight all the qualities of our face and body, which are particularly worth exposing. Professional staff – aesthetic medicine doctor, and appropriate medicaments of the highest quality, make it easier to effectively shape the contours of the face, reduce wrinkles and revitalize the skin. The wide variety of procedures offered, allows us to select the right one, which will be the guarantee of immediate, visible and long-lasting effects.

Our offer

At our Centre, under the watchful eye of specialists, we offer you the prevention of skin aging by complex procedures using botulinum toxin, filling up wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, shaping the contours of lips and face, platelet-rich plasma and needle mesotherapy.

Is aesthetic medice invasive?

In comparison with plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine procedures are minimally invasive. To perform some of them, we only need to make a small incision. Thanks to that, our clients don’t have to worry about the long periods of convalescence.


Our Lasertherapy and Aesthetic Medicine Centre invites you to procedure, preceded by the complex medical consultation. Together with the doctor, you will discuss the aim of such procedure and the way it will be conducted. We can assure you that the decision on which procedure will be the best for you is made together with experienced specialist, and we will offer you alternative options of effective therapies in the interest of your youthful appearance.

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