Aesthetic medicine

Medycyna estetyczna Aesthetic medicine is a widely understood name for all offered treatments, in order to bring out beauty and improve the shortcomings of beauty. Aesthetic medicine includes plastic surgery (unless it is reconstructive) laser therapy, cosmetology, and even beauty care. However, in order to easily distinguish treatments, one can generally assume that plastic surgery is the scalpel domain, laser therapy is associated with hi-tech laser treatments, aesthetic medicine with injection procedures, and beauty care with less invasive treatments. Aesthetic medicine is an area that allows you to effectively fight signs of passing time, or correct unwanted aesthetic defects. It exposes the qualities of the face and body, thus increasing self-confidence and providing a better frame of mind. Professional staff – medical doctor – aesthetic and applied preparations of the highest quality, give effective modeling of the face oval, effective reduction of wrinkles and revitalization of the skin. A wide range of treatments will allow you to choose the right procedure that will provide immediate, visible and long-lasting results.

Safety in aesthetic medicine

One of the most important aspects when performing aesthetic medicine is safety. The doctor should perform the most invasive treatments of aesthetic medicine. Problems begin when, for example, complications arise during the hyaluronic acid treatment (eg allergy, pressure on the vessel) and the cosmetologist is not authorized to implement the treatment. Our Laser Therapy and Aesthetic Medicine Center invites you to treatments preceded by comprehensive medical consultation. Together with the doctor will be discussed the purpose of the procedure and the procedure of implementation. We assure you that the decision about the treatments is made together with an experienced specialist, taking into account all the needs of the patient and we will offer alternative options for effective therapies in the interests of your young appearance.

Doctor of aesthetic medicine

It is worth noting that there is no specialization in the field of aesthetic medicine. However, a physician performing treatments in this field should have post-graduate studies and numerous courses that go hand in hand with the practice. But is it enough for us to be satisfied with the final effect of the treatment? Although doctors undoubtedly have a large and detailed knowledge of human anatomy, not necessarily everyone has an aesthetic sense. Let us not be guided by the phrase “shoemaker without shoes”. Let’s pay attention to the appearance of the doctor himself performing the treatments and ask him to show the effects of his work. Thanks to this, we will know what a doctor’s sense of aesthetics is and how it relates to the canon of beauty.

Aesthetic medicine clinic

Currently, the word clinic is used forever. It applies to all types of outlets, even to offices located in private flats or to a specific location, such as the district of, for example, Mokotow in Warsaw or Ruczaj in Krakow. This is not allowed and misleads both patients and customers. There are very few clinics of aesthetic medicine in Poland. The rest are private offices. However, how to choose the right center of aesthetic medicine? It is worth checking if the staff who work in it is competent, preparations for high-quality treatments, and laser equipment for many years on the global market. High quality guarantees safety and effectiveness of treatments.

Convalescence after aesthetic medicine treatments

Compared with plastic surgery, treatments in aesthetic medicine are minimally invasive. Some of them require small punctures, so patients do not have to worry about long convalescence. Most of our treatments allow normal functioning the very next day, and the staff gives all indications as to the post-treatment recommendations.

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