Small lips

małe usta

Lips are one of the most important face features, determining its overall evaluation. It’s the lips that catch the eye and determine the way others see us – full and shapely lips are associated with femininity and sensuality while small and thin ones are attributed to the negative traits of the character, such as being distant and fierce.

Our genes as well as the cultural determinants impact the shape of the lips. The full and sensual lips of the inhabitants of southern European countries are among others the matter of their language, saturated with vowels. Their uttering requires exposing lips. However, the use of, for example, a Polish language that is rich in consonants requires lip-tightening.

Small and thin lips are also a consequence of aging – decreasing synthesis of collagen, smaller amount of water or hyaluronic acid in the tissues, skin elasticity decrease, the appearance of mimic wrinkles around the mouth (and smoker’s wrinkles). The skin on the lips becomes thinner, dry and the lips lose the lipid protective layer. The red zone of the lips pales, they lose their volume and shape. Moreover the lips asymmetry may intensify.

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