Intimate area bleaching Krakow

wybielanie okolic intymnych

Laser intimate area whitening is a procedure that is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the latest equipment, laser: YAG iPixel not only effectively eliminates the problem of dark skin, but also brings additional benefits. It restores proper elasticity to the tissues, thanks to which we achieve the effect of rejuvenating the area of ​​the anus and vulva.

The treatment of rejuvenation and lightening of the intimate areas usually lasts about a dozen or so minutes (depending on the surface of the body undergoing treatment). To provide our clients with full comfort before laser bleaching, anaesthetic ointment is applied. In turn after the treatment, the skin is slightly irritated, so it should be moisturized with a cream and its hygiene should be maintained. After laser intimate zones whitening, one should also refrain from sexual contact for about 7 days.

The effects are visible after the first treatment. However, to achieve the effect of skin lightening by several tones, it should be repeated about 2-3 times.

The treatment of rejuvenation and whitening of the intimate parts is completely safe; therefore there are no additional contraindications before it is performed, in addition to those applicable to every laser treatment.

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