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Drooping eyelids is an aesthetic problem, because it gives the face a tired and aging look. Lifting the eyelids therefore provides recovery of the young, radiant appearance and also restores the correct field of view. How can you lift your drooping eyelids? Treatments that give the desired effect include raising eyebrows with Botox or lifting threads, firming the eyelid skin with laser and surgical eyelid correction.
If the problem of drooping eyelids is not very advanced, the procedure of non-surgical lifting of the eyelids using the erbium-yag laser is ideally suited. The iPIXEL fractional laser sends numerous micro-bundles that lead to controlled micro damage. Their healing is accompanied by increased synthesis of collagen fibers, remodeling of the skin, its strengthening and increase in density.

Drooping eyelids treatment

The non-surgical lifting of the eyelids gives the effect of restoring the original shape of the eyelids as well as smoothing and tightening the skin. Such eyelid lift without a scalpel is a procedure not burdened with the appearance of any complications associated with surgery. After the iPIXEL laser treatment, you may have a slight swelling of the eyelids and scabs, which disappear after about 7 days, and the noticeable effect of skin remodeling appears after a few weeks.
Other treatments for drooping eyelids include raising eyebrows using PDO threads or botox. It is possible to enlarge the eye optically by reducing sagging forehead skin thanks to the use of lifting threads, leading to the eyebrow line falling and the appearance of sagging eyelids. The treatment leaves no scars and ensures long-lasting rejuvenation of the forehead and the area of the eye. Botulinum toxin injections can also be used in order to lift the eyebrows. Botox blocks the neuromuscular conduction, allowing the eyebrows to be raised, thus lifting the falling eyelid. The Botox effect lasts for approximately 4-6 months.
The most invasive treatment for drooping eyelids is eyelid plastic surgery, or blepharoplasty. Such surgical eyelid lifting involves the excision of excess loose skin with a scalpel, while maintaining correct eyebrow positioning. However, these treatments using Botox or PDO threads will work ideally when the eyebrows fall. After eyelid plastic surgery, swelling and bruising of the eyelids disappear after about 14 days, and it is necessary to follow the post-treatment recommendations in order to minimize the risk of complications.

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