Crooked nose

krzywy nosThe size and shape of the nose are individual issues, just as their subjective evaluation is. There are lots of people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose. Crooked and humped noses most often cause discomfort. The cause of the crooked nose is the curve of the nasal septum, which may result from the innate shape of the nose, as well as the consequence of nasal injuries. The asymmetry of the nose can also be a consequence of the forces experienced by the infant during childbirth. The hump on the nose arises as a result of the bulging of the bone and/or chondral ridge of the nose. A humped nose is considered the most undesirable shape of the nose. The saddle nose is one in which the ridge is sunken, most often in its middle part.
It is also worth remembering that the nose ages. Over the years, the soft tissues of the nose gradually disappear, which may cause the tip of the nose to fall and the bone parts to be bent. The nose can become longer and take on a hooked shape, which leads to the appearance of grim facial expressions.

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