Double Chin

drugi podbródekThe second chin is one of the most common aesthetic defects, which is mainly associated with obese people. Indeed, a double chin is often associated with excessive body mass and fat accumulation below the jaw line. However, sometimes you can see the double chin of a slim person. Who can have a double chin you may ask? The reason for its formation is the loss of skin laxity on the neck, resulting, for example, from weight fluctuations, as well as the decline in skin elasticity associated with age. Over the years, the skin becomes thinner and more meagre in collagen fibers, which encourages sagging. Negligence in neck care and inadequate moisture of the skin in these areas also play a part in this.
A second chin may be a consequence of improper body posture  as well as slouching and pressing your head into your arms, and the wrong position during sleep weakens the neck muscles. Facial anatomy is another reason for the second chin, and a receding beard or a poorly drawn line of the mandible further the formation of a double chin. Genetic predisposition may also contribute to the formation of a double chin, and such a defect may occur in a family-like manner. A healthy lifestyle is also important, and reaching for a stimulant or processed food is conducive to the emergence of swelling of the facial area.
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