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Stretch mark removal

Stretch marks are a specific type of scars – they are not created by skin wounds or it’s continuity breaking. They are the result of excessive skin stretching or its shrinkage, which leads to the impairment of the function of fibroblasts, or cells, that synthesize collagen and elastin. Weakening of collagen and elastin fibers is accompanied by the formation of spindle skin lesions that come with skin flaccidity and wrinkling. Stretch marks can arise on the abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks, hips, arms or lower back.

Skin stretch marks removal

The first stage of the formation of stretch marks is the disruption of collagen fibers and the formation of a local inflammatory reaction. At this stage the stretch marks have a vivid, grey-blue – red colour, which is caused by blood vessels showing through the skin. At this stage, the removal of stretch marks is the most effective – as with any scar that is fresh.

Over time, stretch marks become paler and slightly smaller, which results from the intensification of skin regeneration processes and the synthesis of new collagen fibers. Elimination of stretch marks already fixed is much more difficult and requires long-term application of various aesthetic medicine treatments.

It is worth stressing that professional stretch marks treatment is the only effective method of combating this skin defect. Home remedies such as massages or firming cosmetics will not remove stretch marks. What does aesthetic medicine offer? In the case of both fresh and fixed stretch marks, procedures using fractional laser, micro needle mesotherapy, as well as endermologies of LPG Alliance or needle mesotherapy are perfect. In the case of fixed stretch marks, you can also use the platelet-rich plasma, as well as the Clearlift laser.

How to remove stretch marks?

One of the most effective ways to eliminate stretch marks is laser stretch marks removal. Fractional iPixel laser stimulates skin remodelling by stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers. Laser beams emitted by the laser lead to microdamage of the skin, which then heal by smoothening stretch marks. It doesn’t cause any damage to the entire surface of the skin, only the creation of a large number of microscopic injuries surrounded by healthy tissue that ensures a very effective skin renewal. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia.

The best effects of removing stretch marks with fractional laser are noticeable after a series of treatments – several treatments performed at intervals of several weeks are the most optimal.

An effective method for removing stretch marks after pregnancy or caused by other causes is needle mesotherapy, i.e. introducing nutrients into the skin using a thin needle. Thanks to this form of serving a nutrient cocktail, active compounds act in the deep layers of the skin, and the additional benefits result from local skin needling. It stimulates the formation of controlled inflammation, skin remodelling and stretch marks smoothening. The use of platelet rich plasma, rich in peptides and growth factors is another effective form of therapy. The safety of therapy results from the use of plasma obtained from the patient’s blood, and the effectiveness – from the high concentration of compounds stimulating skin renewal, as well as the administration of intradermal plasma.

Peels for stretch marks

Peels are the treatments supporting stretch marks removal located on the abdomen and breasts after pregnancy. Medical scrubs for stretch marks enable safe and effective exfoliation of the skin, which stimulates its reconstruction and remodelling of the surface. Renewing layers of the skin are smoother, with noticeably reduced visibility of stretch marks. LPG Alliance Endermology treatment, i.e. intensive skin stimulation with the use of skin massage can be performed as supportive treatment for stretch marks. This non-invasive procedure stimulates blood circulation, which promotes skin oxygenation and detoxification, as well as it’s firming.

Stretch marks elimination takes time; the best results are achieved by performing a series of several treatments of a certain type, and it is even better to combine several methods of fighting stretch marks in one therapy. It is worth undergoing such treatments – it is the only effective method that is leading to complete stretch marks removal or their significant reduction. The effects of such therapy are constant and additionally benefit in firming and rejuvenation of the skin in treated areas.

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