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usuwanie plam na skórze

The spots on the skin may vary in colour, size and location, and the reasons for their appearance are also diverse. Some skin spots are temporary and disappear after the action of the triggering agent has subsided. I am talking about drug effusion, erythema and erythroderma. Sometimes, however, skin spots are permanent, and then it is worth considering their permanent removal. Every skin spot should be consulted with a dermatologist who will propose methods of causative and symptomatic treatment. It is possible to permanently remove skin spots of various character at the aesthetic medical clinic, with laser therapy and chemical peeling being the most commonly used methods.

Removal of skin spots causes excessive pigmentation if the cause of the appearance of spots on the skin is excessive pigmentation, then the spots take on a brown colour. This tone is associated with the accumulation of melanin, i.e. a skin pigment. The colour of such spots varies depending on the natural skin tone and may have a shade from light brown to dark brown. The most common cause is excessive sun exposure. It is then that mainly brown spots on the face, spots on the hands and spots on the cleavage appear. Another cause is hormonal disorders. In this case, it is necessary to implement appropriate hormonal treatment.

How do you remove brown spots on the skin?

Excellent results are achieved by removing spots on the skin with a laser. It is a therapy aimed only at cells with a cumulative dye, and it saves normal cells. Melanin absorbs light with a length of 500 – 600 nm and this feature is used in the Dye – VL laser. The Alma Harmony laser emits a beam of light whose parameters are adapted to the individual pigment content in the skin. Laser removal of spots on the skin is very effective, and at the same time safe as a result of this. In this way you can permanently get rid of liver spots, freckles, and sun spots. The effects are noticeable after the first treatment session, while it may be necessary to repeat the treatment to completely remove the spots on the skin.
Chemical peeling is another method of brightening spots on the face or hands. Profession medical peeling carried out by a specialist in the aesthetic medical clinic is a solution that is much more effective than home-made methods of removing sun spots or age spots. A series of several treatments significantly brightens brown spots on the skin, and in the case of shallow discolorations it is possible to completely remove them. In addition to chemical exfoliation of the skin, mechanical exfoliation may be used in case of discoloration. Diamond Microdermabrasion provides the effect of noticeably brightening scars and smoothing the skin. The treatment consists of a gradual exfoliation of the epidermis with the use of microcrystals.

Removal of skin spots caused by abnormal vascularization. Common skin lesions are dilated capillaries, or telangiectasias. These skin changes are mainly located on the face. The removal of such vascular lesions primarily involves the use of laser therapy. Laser removal of such red spots on the skin involves the selective action of the Dye-VL laser beam on the expanded vessels. The phenomenon of phototermolysis and laser energy absorption by hemoglobin of red blood cells flowing with blood through the vessels is used. This leads to the closure of the vessel’s light and its shrinkage and death. It is possible to simultaneously treat dilated capillaries and discolorations thanks to the use of Alma Harmony laser, thus removing red patches and brown spots on the skin. Using the latest technologies which enables the analysis of skin condition and adjusts individual laser work parameters, minimizes the risk of burns to the skin. Removing blood vessels with a laser is perfect for skin changes on the face or cleavage, while the vessels on the legs should be removed by sclerotherapy or electrocoagulation. This is due to the fact that the vascular changes on the legs are too deeply embedded to undergo the laser treatment.
You can also remove congenital skin lesions i.e. hemangiomas with the laser. The cavernous, starry and flat hemangiomas can be removed by photocoagulation method. Other methods of removing hemangiomas include cryotherapy or surgical removal. Laser closing of blood vessels and removal of hemangiomas with laser will bring the best results after a series of 3-4 treatment sessions. The treatment is almost painless, which results from the use of a special skin cooling system, and the skin healing process runs smoothly and lasts for a few days.

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