Lymphatic drainage Krakow

drenaż limfatyczny

Lymphatic stasis is a consequence of lymph stagnation and accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue. Lymphatic drainage is an effective method of removing lymphatic stasis. This lymphatic massage makes it possible to stimulate lymph circulation, which removes lymphatic edema and prevents their re-emergence. Lymphatic drainage is performed with the use of a specialized device that allows skin massage using special massage rolls and the phenomenon of under pressure. Thanks to this, the skin fold is sucked in and intensively massaged, which gives the effect of a comprehensive stimulation of blood and lymph circulation as well as skin metabolism.

Lymphatic drainage and its purpose

Lymphatic mechanical LPG Alliance can be performed for the following purposes:

  • edema therapy of various origins
  • relieving muscle pain in athletes as well as after injuries
  • preventing lymphatic stasis of the upper limbs after breast removal surgery (lymphatic drainage after mastectomy)
  • cellulite reduction (lymphatic drainage of the legs, buttocks or abdomen)
  • pain reduction and limb rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery
  • improving the weight loss process
  • after aesthetic medicine treatments (lymphatic drainage after liposuction)

Lymphatic massage leads to lymph drainage from the subcutaneous tissue, and thanks to the mechanical stimulation of the skin, which enables increased synthesis of collagen fibers. Ultimately, the skin is better oxygenated and nourished, and its elasticity and firmness increase. The improvement of the body’s detoxification processes is a further improvement, which has a positive effect on general well-being and supports the metabolism.

Endermolift which is the lymphatic drainage of the face is performed to reduce lymphatic stasis, which are mainly located under the eyes. Lymphatic drainage under the eyes supports the removal of bags under the eyes and shadows, and additionally firms and rejuvenates the skin under the eyes. Face drainage massage can improve the face oval, increase skin density and smoothen fine wrinkles. The face skin becomes radiant and regains a healthy colour.

Lymphatic drainage – amount of surgery and its effects.

Lymphatic drainage is a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure that does not require convalescence. During the procedure, which lasts several dozen minutes, you can relax since the lymphatic drainage is not accompanied by any discomfort. The effects of lymphatic massage can be noticed after the first treatment. However, for the success of therapy, appropriate frequency and number of treatments offering lymphatic drainage is a very crucial issue. The number of procedures is at least 10; performing a series of treatment procedures allows you to fully feel the benefits of lymphatic drainage. How often should such a massage be performed? The recommended frequency of lymphatic drainage is 2 – 3 treatment procedures per week, whereas for maintaining the effect, you can perform one treatment procedure per month.

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