Double chin reduction Krakow

Likwidacja drugiego podbródka

A double chin is a common aesthetic defect for people of all ages, and both men and women can have a double chin. How do you eliminate this unfavorable change in appearance? Double chin reduction should be entrusted to specialists in aesthetic medicine, since domestic methods for the double chin (cream, massage, exercises) usually they do not bring the desired results. How do you eliminate the double chin in an aesthetic medical clinic? Treatment for a double chin is above all:

  • PDO thread lifting
  • Endermolift
  • iPIXEL laser treatment
  • lipolysis injection

Which method is best in eliminating the double chin?

The choice of the method is made by the specialist based on the degree of the severity of the defect and the reasons for its occurrence. If the double chin is a consequence of the presence of a lipoma, surgical removal is necessary. However, in the case of the accumulation of fat tissue in the area of the chin, it is recommended to perform lipolysis injection of the chin. The Lipolysis Injection of the double chin is a non-surgical procedure for removing fat tissue. The formulation containing compounds destroying fat cells is introduced into the deep layers of the skin with a thin needle. The fat removed from the cells is removed by metabolism in the liver, and the tissue is subject to shrinkage. It is worth carrying out a series of several treatments, and the final effect is noticeable after a few weeks from the procedure removing the double chin.
Facial endermology treatment (Endermolift) is ideal for double chin caused by swelling of the face. Then, the use of a special head enables lymphatic drainage of tissues and lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling in the area of the chin.
Reduction of the double chin is also possible by firming the skin with the iPIXEL laser. The fractional ablative laser leads to thermal microdamages of the skin and stimulation of regenerative processes. Finally, the skin is resurfaced and firmly toned. The effect lasts for many months. This treatment for the double chin works well in patients with moderate skin sagging. However, in the case of advanced skin excess, which loses elasticity and is sagging, a lifting treatment using a PDO thread is perfect. Lifting threads with hooks are inserted into the skin and anchor in the tissues, giving the effect of mechanical pull up, and over time, also firmness caused by increased synthesis of collagen fibers. Threads are introduced using a thin cannula, and the threads introduced under the skin are invisible and imperceptible.

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