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Excessive sweating affects a few percent of people, and occurs more often in men. It manifests itself in abundant sweating and is not connected with the increased moisture of the skin, but with trickles of sweat dripping. Excessive sweating can be very troublesome and those affected by it are exposed to discomfort, with the necessity of changing clothes several times a day. It is not uncommon for bacteria and fungi to develop in places affected by excessive sweating, where the humid and warm environment is maintained. This results in unpleasant smell and skin infections. Excessive sweating has a negative impact on professional and social life, and is conducive to social isolation. It is not surprising, therefore, that the methods of treating excessive sweating are being sought.

Treatment of  excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) with botox

Botulinum toxin is an effective method in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. An indication for the treatment of hyperhidrosis with  botox is sweating that causes considerable discomfort and difficulty in maintaining personal hygiene. The subjective assessment of hyperhidrosis by the affected person is of great significance. The doctor can, however, precisely estimate the volume of secreted sweat. It is assumed that volumes exceeding 50 mg/min in the underarm are indicative of the problem of excessive sweating. It is important to rule out diseases that can occur with increased sweating. When the primary hyperhidrosis is diagnosed, treatment of excessive sweating with botulinum toxin is possible.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis, areas of activity (hands, feet, underarms)

The benefits of hyperhidrosis treatment with botulinum toxin include:

  • possibility of treating hyperhidrosis in any area of the body: hyperhidrosis of hands and feet, underarms, and face
  • really safe with a negligible risk of complications
  • slight painfulness of the procedure (local anesthetic with lidocaine cream is possible)
  • low invasiveness of the procedure
  • the possibility of repeating the procedure

Injections of botulinum toxin are made to block the nerves supplying the sweat glands. This leads to the inhibition of sweat secretion and improvement in the quality of life. The treatment of hyperhidrosis botox treatment is of short duration and lasts only several or several dozen or so minutes. Before the procedure, the doctor determines which area of skin is covered by excessive sweat. Most often for this purpose, the so-called Minora test is performed, consisting of smearing the skin with iodine and then sprinkling with starch. The area of skin affected by hyperhidrosis is noticeably darkened. Then the area is divided into squares measuring 1.5 x 1.5 cm, after which a small volume of botulinum toxin is given to each square. The toxin is administered intradermally using a very fine needle. The amount of botulinum toxin to be consumed is determined by the doctor, usually about 100 units of toxin suffices, sometimes a doubled dose of botulinum toxin is required for sweating. The price of the treatment depends on the amount of the formulation used.

Procedural and postoperative recommendations for the treatment of hyperhidrosis

The effect Botox hyperhidrosis treatment is noticeable a few days after the procedure and lasts for about 6 – 12 months. Before the treatment of hyperhidrosis of botulinum toxins, shaving the underarms is required, in addition, on the day of the treatment, cosmetics should be dispensed with on the skin. However, after-post recommendations are first of all to avoid the solarium and sauna for a few weeks after treatment, as well as avoiding skin irritations. It is also worth modifying your diet a bit, avoiding alcohol, spices or excessive consumption of coffee. In the case of surgery of the hand, it is necessary to avoid straining the hands and underarm skin following treatment. It is inadvisable to lift weights above the height of the head. In addition, you should prepare clean clothing immediately after the procedure, and the skin of the hands or feet should be prepared in the case of a toxin injection including the gloves and socks, respectively.
Botox does not lead to thermoregulatory disorders, because only part of sweat glands in the skin are blocked and their total amount can reach up to 4 million. The treatment is safe and sporadic complications, usually of a transient nature, may occur. Local skin redness and puncture wounds are possible immediately after the hyperhidrosis treatment; these symptoms disappear spontaneously.

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