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Sun spot blemishes are an unwanted gift after sunbathing, which can appear on everyone’s skin. It is best to avoid getting them, and it is sufficient to use UV filters at least SPF30 for this purpose. However, if sun spot blemishes occur, removal of any discoloration should be carried out as soon as possible. How do you whiten post solar discoloration? The most effective treatment for sun discoloration is offered by specialist aesthetic medical clinics. The treatment offered to remove sun spot blemishes is much more effectively than household remedies. Cream or ointment for sun spot blemishes can be used as an alternative, while professional treatment provides the basis for treatment of sun spot blemishes i.e. removal of acid discoloration and laser removal of sun spot blemishes.

Chemical peeling versus sun spot blemishes

Tanning spots can be reduced by using medical peeling and their action is multidirectional. On one hand, they enable peeling of subsequent layers of the epidermis, and on the other, they penetrate deep into the dermis and stimulate its remodeling and regeneration. This allows the removal of sun spot blemishes located in the deeper layers of the dermis. It should be borne in mind that the final effect of treating sun spot blemishes after peeling depends on the regularity since a series of treatment sessions are required. The limitation is the depth of discoloration and it is best to treat discoloration located in the shallower layers of the skin. The procedure itself is based on applying a medical peel to the skin covered by sun spot blemishes and leaving it for a certain period of time. Then the peel is removed and the skin is regenerated thanks to the nutrient mask. The treatment is painless and safe, and skin care after the treatment boils down to avoiding sun exposure and moisturizing the skin.

In order to remove sun spot blemishes, peeling containing almond acidy, or alpha i.e. an acid that acts in the stratum corneum, works perfectly. Ferulic acid, which reduces the symptoms of photo aging of the skin, reduces discoloration and limits the formation of further pigmentation changes thanks to its antioxidant properties. Chemical peeling carried out by a specialist at the aesthetic medical clinic demonstrates much greater effectiveness than self-made peeling using peels from the pharmacy.

Laser removal of sun spot blemishes

Sun spot blemishes can be effectively removed using a laser. Even deep sun discoloration perfectly undergoes laser light treatment. One of the most modern technologies is the Dye VL laser, whose light with a wavelength of 500 – 600 nm selectively reaches the excessively accumulated dye in the skin. The laser causes its disintegration by interacting with melanin, and the dye is then removed from the cells, which means permanent removal of sun spot blemishes. The Alma Harmony XL Dye VL laser uses intelligent solutions that increase the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. It is about the possibility of personalizing the therapy, so that the laser recognizes the amount of melanin accumulated in the skin cells and it adjusts the appropriate beam of light based on this measurement. The laser beam is subjected only to cells with a dye, while normal cells do not absorb laser light.
Laser removal of sun spot blemishes is a procedure that does not require local anesthesia since a special cooling system helps reduce treatment pain. The course of the procedure is as follows:

  • a special gel is applied to the cleansed skin
  • a laser head is applied and a beam of light is emitted in places where laser therapy is applied
  • a cooling pack is applied after the treatment

Darkening of pigmentation changes is noticeable immediately after the procedure, which results from the dye decomposition. Within a few days the skin gently peels off and the discoloration fades. The final effect is noticeable after about two weeks. The Dye VL laser also enables simultaneous blood vessel closure.
The skin subjected to sun exposure may be affected by many aspects of photo-aging, and apart from discoloration it may also concern its problem of drying, loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles. Then, using the Alma Harmony Dye VL laser, it is possible to counteract skin photo aging in a comprehensive way. Photo rejuvenation therapy includes removing discoloration, but also skin fibroblast stimulation for the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as narrowing of the expanded pores and reducing the enlarged capillaries. As a result, the skin regains its young and healthy appearance after the first treatment session, and the performance of a series of several treatment sessions gives a spectacular effect of rejuvenation.

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