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Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Clinic

All aesthetic medicine treatments are performed by the Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine, dermatologist and trichologist Ewa Kopycińska

Neonia is a modern aesthetic medicine clinic located in Krakow, which guarantees comprehensive care of the entire body. Aesthetic medicine center Neonia offers the latest treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, which enable comprehensive rejuvenation of the face and body and effective removal of all aesthetic defects. The philosophy of our clinic is based on providing the highest quality services to every patient, which is expressed by an individual approach to the patient. Our specialists carry out detailed health interviews, as well as precisely define the patient’s expectations towards the final effect of the treatment, convalescence period, pain tolerance and possible contraindications. Based on this data, every person using the services of our aesthetic medicine clinic receives a personalized therapy plan, comprehensive information on the course of the treatment and the results achieved, as well as pre- and post-treatment recommendations. Such an individual approach ensures high safety of the therapy and spectacular beautifying effects. An undoubted advantage of Neonia’s aesthetic dermatology clinic is also a highly qualified team of specialists, as well as the use of the latest technologies and certified preparations of the highest quality. Laser therapy treatments are performed only with the use of innovative equipment, the action of which focuses on maximizing the effect while minimizing pain associated with the treatment or any unexpected side effects. Additionally we offer blood vessel removal and discoloration during the same treatment. In our clinic we offer effective rejuvenation treatments that help reduce any signs of skin aging. Young mothers can also take care of their beauty by opting for effective and safe aesthetic medicine treatments after pregnancy. We help reduce weight by offering slimming treatments. Among the treatments we offer, it is worth mentioning laser hair removal, removing discoloration, closing capillaries, smoothing wrinkles, lip augmentation, face lifting, scar removal, stretch marks and endermologie. We also offer professional cosmetology treatments, such as medical chemical peels, needle mesotherapy or microdermabrasion. The patient’s comfort during the treatments and spectacular beauty effects are maintained by the specialists’ staff, among others doctor of aesthetic medicine, dermatologist Ewa Kopycińska. The constantly expanding circle of satisfied patients and impeccable opinions about the services offered in the Neonia Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic confirm the devotion in which we treat every patient who trusts us and decides on a spectacular metamorphosis in our aesthetic medicine clinic in Krakow.

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