Facial skin firming Krakow

ujędrnianie skóry twarzy

The most effective method for facial skin firming are professional aesthetic medical treatments. Firming treatments boil down to stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers through the controlled micro damage of the skin, as well as acting on the deep layers of the skin without compromising its integrity.

Non-invasive firming treatments

Facial skin firming can be successfully performed using non-invasive procedures, such as Endermolift or Thermolifting. The NIR Termolifting uses infrared light that causes a thermal effect in the deep layers of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers. The increased synthesis of collagen is accompanied by the shortening of already existing collagen fibers, thanks to which the skin becomes thicker and smoother, and also regains its firmness. The Thermolift treatment is completely non-invasive and completely safe, as well as painless. The first treatment effects are visible immediately, and you need to wait a few months for the full effect of skin firming. A series of several treatments repeated every 2 – 4 weeks is recommended.
Endermolift is another non-invasive method of facial skin firming.  It is an innovative anti-aging therapy that guarantees the effect of firming and rejuvenating the face. The essence of the treatment is the combination of vacuum and vibration massage, which provides comprehensive stimulation of deep layers of the skin and leads to stimulation of collagen synthesis. Similarly, to thermolifting, you can notice an improvement in the appearance of the hides immediately after the treatment, and the effect will be more and more noticeable with the passage of time. This treatment can be performed even on sensitive skin, at any time of the year.

Laser treatments for firming the skin

A non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates the skin is also laser skin firming using the non-adhesive Clearlift laser. This painless and safe treatment does not damage the surface of the skin, and its action is reduced to the stimulation of deep layers of the skin. The treatment allows revitalization of the skin, smoothing it and reducing wrinkles, as well as firming the flaccid skin, and the treatment does not require a convalescence period.
Facial skin firming with iPIXEL fractional laser stimulates the skin’s density and smooths it by generating micro damage. The numerous micro-beams sent by the laser lead to local disturbance of the skin structure, and the surrounding tissue participates in intensified regeneration and remodeling processes. Convalescence after the treatment lasts about two weeks, and the spectacular effect of restoring skin firmness is noticeable over the next few months. A series of several treatments is recommended.

Firming the skin with injection and exfoliation treatments

Other notable firming treatments include needle mesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma. Needle mesotherapy consists in injecting skin with nutritional cocktails; subcutaneous administration of nutritional formulations makes the active compounds act in the deep layers of the skin, and controlled skin pricking provides an additional stimulus for its regeneration. The use of platelet rich plasma abundant in peptides and growth factors also brings excellent results.
In order to firm the skin affected by flaccidity and wrinkles, skin exfoliation treatments using chemical peeling and diamond microdermabrasion may also help. Medical peeling provides the exfoliation effect generated by the action of natural acids, while microdermabrasion is a procedure of mechanical exfoliation of the skin. Controlled exfoliation of the surface layers of the skin accelerates the formation of new cells, which leads to firming and smoothing the skin, as well as restoring radiance and colour.

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