Laser Hair Removal Krakow

Soprano Ice Platinum

Awarded the most prestigious prize in aesthetic medicine in the world “MyFaceMyBody Awards” in London as the most innovative treatment. Awarded also the LNE innovation award. Excessive hair or the need to constantly repeat the procedures of its removal, is a huge problem for many people. It’s not a surprise than, that we are looking for simple, effective and at the same time painless methods of getting rid of hair from different parts of our body, also those which are delicate and less accessible. The procedure of hair removal with Soprano ICE Platinum laser meets all these requirements: effectively fast safe comfortably for all skin’s phototypes

Laser Hair Removal Krakow

Laser Hair Removal for Everyone

You are considering choosing laser hair removal and which type of the laser will be appropriate for your skin and hair type. You are wondering if the procedure will be effective and fast and comfortable at the same time… Get to know Soprano ICE Platinum which is awarded around the world, innovative, holds FDA and MEDICAL CE certificates, and clinical research.

Soprano ICE Platinum is the first in the world technology of laser beams of three lengths (Alexandrite – blond and red hair, Diode – dark hair, fair complexion, Nd:Yag – dark hair, dark complexion) in one head. It reaches tissues on different depths effectively and safely, and destroys anatomical structures within hair follicles, preventing their re-growth. Thanks to that, you have a guarantee that you will receive what you expect – silky smooth skin.

It’s an incredibly comfortable procedure thanks to the use of:

  • SHR™ TECHNOLOGY – which effectively destroys hair follicles without damaging surrounding tissue
  • ICE™ SYSTEM – of active contact cooling, which minimizes sensibility to the procedure (as the only laser it cools down to -4°C)
  • MOTION™ SYSTEM – thanks to it the procedure is short and comfortable.

Still not sure? Don’t waste any more time. Soprano ICE Platinum guarantees high effectiveness, and leaves no doubt on the choice of the appropriate solution.


History of depilation

The beginnings of hair removal date back to ancient times. In Egypt, Greece and Rome, not only women but also men were depilated. This was due to both hygienic and religious reasons.

The 50s of the twentieth century is the time when epilation has reached the next level, thanks to lasers. Although initially, they only served to treat people who felt discomfort associated with aggressive hair ingrowth, which led to the formation of inflammation. The era of hippies, or the famous 1960s and 1970s, popularized the idea of total moral liberation, which also meant giving up depilation. However, it did not last long. Hygienic and aesthetic issues have prevailed, making depilation something completely natural for most people.

Laser hair removal – is it safe?

Laser hair removal is a completely safe procedure if only certain conditions are met. First of all, you should use a good quality laser and the services of properly trained personnel. Therefore, we should check whether the laser is regularly serviced and whether it is not a cheap counterfeit from China, which does not have the technology to constantly maintain the parameter of the laser beam, protecting us from burns. On the other hand, the patients performing the procedure should make sure that there are no contraindications regarding the type of skin or treatment parameters. Unfortunately, scalding is too often caused by such neglect.

Laser bikini hair removal – does it hurt?

Women like to take care of their bodies, including intimate zones. That’s why laser treatments for the bikini area are very popular. In the salons we offer, among others, shallow and deep bikini hair removal, but also Brazilian and Hollywood bikinis. Due to the large innervation of this part of the body and numerous glands, the procedure is painful.

Krakow, or its salons, have mainly the Lightsheer type laser. Unfortunately, most women have to decide to use anesthesia to make bikini laser hair removal useless. Although in some cases, even anesthesia does not help. Therefore, it is worth using modern solutions such as the Soprano Ice Platinum laser. In this case, the pain is so small that most women do not use additional anesthesia.

Laser depilation of legs

Leg depilation treatment usually takes a bit longer as it covers a large body surface area. Fortunately, however, the skin of the legs is quite thick and poorly supplied with blood, which means that laser hair removal, even when using older devices, is not particularly painful.

Laser depilation underarms

The laser depilation of the armpits, using Soprano Ice Platinum takes just a few minutes. The underarms are also strongly innervated, so we experience discomfort during epilation, but it is unbearable. When using other laser models, however, we must be prepared for a longer duration of the procedure, so that the pain may be greater.

Laser hair removal (mustache, beard)

Women with excess facial hair often have low self-esteem and lose their own femininity. Shaving with a normal razor causes irritation, and shaved hair is visible. Therefore, laser hair removal is in many cases the only way to a better look and feel.

Laser hair removal for men

Not long ago, the male hairy chest was a sign of masculinity. However, these times are behind us, and men are more and more often saying that laser hair removal is the perfect solution. Fashion for depilation among men began with bodybuilders, fitness players, swimmers and other athletes. The reason was not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the fact that excess hair reduced their results by several hundred or even a few tenths of a second. And in sports it often meant losing a medal.

Currently, laser hair removal for men is becoming more and more popular, also for reasons of hygiene. A smaller amount of hair reduces the intensity of perspiration. However, it must be remembered that men have a lower pain threshold than ladies, and their hair is much thicker, which means that the depilation can be more painful. Therefore, it is worth using the best equipment, such as Soprano Ice Platinum, which provides comfort during epilation.

Laser hair removal the number of treatments

The amount of treatments needed to fully remove the hair depends on many factors. It is assumed that you should undergo a minimum of 6 treatments, but this is not always the case. Hair follicles usually “rebel” after the second or third treatment. This means that after the first treatment we get rid of about 40% of the hair, but after the second or third depilation, the hair begins to grow back intensively. If this phase occurs only once, 6-8 treatments may be enough. However, if such a rebellion occurs twice, it is necessary to carry out 10 treatments. Even the best laser in the world, then it is not able to reduce the number of treatments. Laser hair removal should also be repeated once or twice a year. It is necessary to perform at least one treatment reminding that single hairs should not grow back.

Laser hair removal and other methods of depilation

1. Razors – a very frequent shave is necessary. We must also take into account the occurrence of redness and inflammation or hair ingrown.
2. Sugar paste and wax – treatments also need to be repeated often. It is also possible ingrown hairs and the appearance of a rash.
3. Household epilators (IPL light) – a good epilator of this type can cost 2-3 thousand zlotys. The treatments are very painful. About a year after completing their entire series, repeat the whole process again. And so year after year.
4. IPL light in cabinets – working similar to domestic depilator of this type. With very good IPL devices, we can count on 2-3 years of peace, and then we have to repeat the series of treatments.
5. Laser hair removal is a series of treatments performed once and for all. Then you only need one reminder every now and then to keep the perfect effect. In addition, using the Soprano Ice Platinum laser the depilation is virtually painless.

Laser hair removal of fair hair (blond, red hair)

Krakow mainly offers laser depilation using diode lasers. Such equipment, however, can not cope with light hair, which has been confirmed clinically. Let us not be fooled when a salon convinces us that it is feasible. However, if we have light hair and are interested in laser hair removal, Krakow can fortunately offer us a Alexandrite laser. Only this device can actually help us, although the amount of treatments needed to completely remove the hair is already a bit larger.

Diode, alexandrite, neodymium laser (Nd: YAG)

Each of these lasers has a different function in laser hair removal. Diode laser (the most popular in Poland) is ideal for performing treatments on a light complexion with darker hair. The alexandrite laser fills the gap with the diode laser when we are dealing with light hair and light complexion. In contrast, the neodymium jag laser is used for darker complexion and dark hair. While the use of a diode laser for light hair simply does not give any effect, using it to remove hair in dark-skinned people may result in burns. Therefore, in multi-ethnic countries, depilation using a diode laser has its limitations.

Soprano Ice Platinum vs Lightsheer

Soprano Ice Platinum is a laser that is ahead of its time. Laser hair removal using Lightsheer is effective, but the device has its technological weaknesses. Even the latest generation of the Lightsheer laser, very poorly cools (only air, not the head), and the cooling level itself is not high. Soprano Ice Platinum, on the other hand, has the ability to cool down to -4 ° C, thus immediately eliminating discomfort during the procedure. An additional difference between the two devices is the duration of the procedure. In the case of Soprano Ice Platinum it is much shorter thanks to the “in motion” mode of operation. What’s more, the Lightsheer laser is just a diode laser, so it has its limitations. And Soprano Ice Platinum is a diode, alexandrite and neodymium laser in one. The person performing the treatment using it, sets the appropriate parameters tailored to the client’s skin and hair, so that the appropriate laser beam works on them. If, therefore, laser hair removal is included in our plans, Neonia Center can offer us professional performance, just with the help of Soprano Ice Platinum.

Soprano Ice Platinum vs Soprano Ice

Although there are some similarities, the Soprano Ice laser is an older model. It does not have the same treatment and cooling power as its newer version. The most important difference, however, is that Soprano Ice does not use 3 laser beams, and like Lightsheer it is only a diode laser.

Krakow and laser hair removal

The Krakow market is heavily saturated with laser hair removal offers. It must be emphasized, however, that when it comes to Krakow, Lightsheer laser definitely reigns, which is used by many offices. And both from these very old models, and from the newest, such as the Lighsheer Duet. What’s more, many offices also use the so-called Lightshheer laser rental, which can cause problems. The office often has no influence on who performs the procedure (these are people from the rental), or on whether the laser was properly serviced. The more so because the law in Poland does not require the lasers to be used for the depilation. It is only when someone gets burned during the procedure that the lack of proper servicing can become a problem. Of course, there are also problems with deadlines, because the rental office provides laser on specific days of the month. In general, the Kraków market offers us both high-quality lasers and services at the highest level, as well as those that leave much to be desired. Therefore, before we choose a cabinet in which we perform such a procedure, it is worth considering what is most important to us.

Laser hair removal price

Krakow is a city where prices for laser hair removal can really surprise us. Although they are of course diverse, in many cases hair removal here is the cheapest in Poland. It should be remembered, however, that suspiciously low prices often carry the risk of inaccurate and shortened surgery, so that the office does not use too much impulse. In some offices, you also use very old or cheapest laser equipment. Often in such cases, unless there is anything wrong with our skin, the number of treatments needed to notice any effects, exceeds twice the number of treatments that need to be carried out in another office to completely get rid of hair.

Laser hair removal and hirsutism

Hirsutism and hormonal disorders cause excess hair in those parts of the body where women usually do not have hair. Will laser hair removal help us cope with such problems? Yes and no. Hormonal disorders mean that hair will always grow out after all. However, if an appropriate series of laser treatments is carried out, we will have to deal with this problem about once every 6 months, when it is enough to perform one remedy. It is worth to opt for laser hair removal, because despite the fact that the problem will not disappear completely, it will be minimized to a large extent.

Laser hair removal and vitiligo

In many offices where laser hair removal is performed, vitiligo is among the contraindications. In fact, it does not constitute any obstacle to the procedure. The problem is the color of the hair itself. If it is congenital albinism, the hair is also white and the laser will not work at all because there is no melanin in it. However, if the vitamines have a different color than white, the Soprano Ice Platinum laser will handle it perfectly without causing damage to the skin. Such situations are the most common for vitiligo acquired when the skin becomes white, but the hair is, for example, still black.

Laser hair removal reviews

Due to the effectiveness of treatments, opinions on laser hair removal should only be positive. Unfortunately, by some irregularities appearing on the market of aesthetic offices, which is a good example of Krakow, you can sometimes come across reviews like: “I had 12 treatments and still do not see any difference.” Remember that meticulously carried out laser hair removal, on the world class lasers, will surely bring the results we expect.

Effects of laser hair removal

In order for the final effects of laser hair removal to be satisfying for us, several important aspects must be met:
1. Use of appropriate parameters by the cosmetologist performing the procedure. It should be noted here that the parameters for the next treatment should be raised in order for the depilation to be effective. The client should have access to the treatment parameters at his request, the cosmetologist can not conceal them. These are very important information, if only in the case of the desire to change the cabinet for another, so that further laser therapy is effective.
2. The interval between a series of treatments should be rigorously observed. Too large elongation means basically the loss of the effects of the first treatment, and too short a period of intervals between treatments minimizes the effects.
3. The procedure must be performed with great precision, and the parts of the body should be divided accordingly so as not to miss any point. Otherwise, we will have a selective effect.

Before and After

Intervals between procedures:

  • 6 weeks – in case of face
  • 6-8 weeks – in case of bikini, armpits, forearm, arms
  • 8-10 weeks – in case of legs, back and torso

Recommendations After the Procedure

Directly after the procedure irritation and folliculitis may appear, but they will disappear within few hours. To avoid any inconveniences, after the laser hair removal you should avoid:
  • hot baths and physical effort on the day of the procedure
  • using swimming pools and saunas for the first week after the procedure
  • mechanical and chemical peelings up to 2 weeks after the procedure
  • sunbathing up to 3 weeks after the procedure
  • irritating skin with cosmetics containing alcohol.

Laser Hair Removal – Contraindications

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • fresh tan
  • using self-tanners and bronzing body lotions
  • viral or bacterial infection
  • skin’s inflammation
  • cancer
  • connective tissue diseases (e.g. RA)
  • chronic dermatosis (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis) in the area where the procedure will be performed
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • tendency to develop pyloric stenosis scars
  • blood coagulation disorders
  • pacemaker
  • using photosensitising drugs and herbs
Laser Hair Removal
Procedure 1 Procedure (PLN) Package (PLN) Package (PLN)
Laser Hair Removal package for 4 procedures -30% package for 6 procedures -40%
Small Area (sideburns, chin, nipples, upper lip moustache, stomach line, line between eyebrows, perianal area) 150 600 420 900 540
Medium Area (hands, back of neck, armpits, cheeks, forearms, arms, neck) 250 1000 900 1500 900
Large Area (entire bikini, stomach, chest, calves, buttocks, thighs) 350 1400 1260 2100 1260
male’s bikini – 500 zł and back hair removal – from 250 to 600 zł – the price is set by cosmetologist)

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