Tear trough filling Krakow

Wypełnianie doliny łez

Tear trough or dark circles under the eyes are undesirable changes that have a negative effect on the face appearance. Tear trough filling is made to rejuvenate the eye area, to compensate for the tired expression of the face and to lighten the dark circles underneath the eyes. Tear trough treatments include primarily hyaluronic acid fillers, as well as needle mesotherapy, endermolift or platelet-rich plasma. Due to the fact that the eye area is very sensitive, only a qualified specialist should carry out the procedure of tear trough reduction.

Tear trough filling with hyaluronic acid involves the introduction of hyaluronic acid with a cannula, after using local anaesthesia. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gradually binds water and swells, so there is no risk of lumps or bumps. At the same time, such a preparation does not exert pressure on surrounding tissues and does not lead to oedema. The use of hyaluronic acid provides the following effects:

  • filling the sunken area of ​​the eye socket
  • filling the tear trough
  • dark circles lightening
  • reducing the small under-eye bags
  • rejuvenation of the eye area.

The effect of tear trough hyaluronic acid filler is maintained for about 6 – 8 months.

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