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When spots appear with age, it is an aesthetic problem. Liver spots localized on the hands as well as age spots on the face are particularly problematic. The problem progresses with age with age spots becoming larger and more numerous. Many people with age spot problems try out household remedies for their removal. What are the most commonly used household remedies? Apple vinegar, juice, lemon, buttermilk or aloe juice are not very effective and will not make age spots disappear. Brightening cream also has limited effectiveness. Therefore, it is worth considering permanent removal methods of age spots from the hands and other parts of the skin. Professional treatment carried out at the aesthetic medical clinic will enable safe and effective removal of age spots. How do you get rid of them once and for all?

Laser removal of age spots

One of the most effective methods of fighting discoloration is the removal of age spots with a laser. This type of therapy is distinguished by high efficiency and safety, all thanks to selective melanin action only on cells containing in excess of skin pigment. Some methods of removing age spots by means of a laser are reduced to exfoliation of the skin, which is to ensure the effect of liver spots fading. Satisfaction with the treatment effects is not always sufficient, however, because age spots are still visible. However, there is a method of permanently removing age spots with a laser i.e. innovative therapy using the advanced Alma Harmony XL PRO laser platform. By combining the two modules i.e. Dye-VL and Dye-SR it is possible to emit a beam of light with a length of 500 – 600 nm. What does this mean in practice? The possibility to quickly and effectively treat both discoloration and the accompanying vascular changes.

The laser energy is absorbed selectively and exclusively by melanin-containing cells. Selective action on this chromophore guarantees the safety of the procedure. Removing age spots from hands or other locations is a quick procedure: after adjusting the laser parameters, the specialist applies the head to selected areas of the skin and emits a beam of light. The special cooling head reduces pain and discomfort felt during the treatment, as well as protects against skin burns.
Even a single treatment session allows you to remove old age spots from your hands or remove old age spots from the face. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure. Do not be alarmed that age spots darken immediately after the treatment – this is a sign of melanin disintegration. The dye is then gradually removed from the cells, which is noticeable as the disappearance of age spots; the final effect is noticeable about 2 weeks after the procedure. For best results, it is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun for 4 weeks.

Removal of age spots with chemical peeling

There is a group of people who cannot undergo laser-etched laser spots. It is about people suffering from photo allergy, psoriasis, vitiligo or diabetes. Such people are dedicated to removing old age spots with chemical peeling. Such treatment sessions are focused on controlled exfoliation of individual layers of the epidermis to eliminate discoloration. The brightening effect is distinguished by peeling with peeling with almond acid and peeling with ferulic acid. The use of natural organic acids provides a safe, yet effective operation. If you decide to remove age spots on the face or hands using chemical peeling, the additional benefit is the smoothing of the skin and the reduction of fine wrinkles. A series of several treatment sessions is recommended.
Medical peeling is characterized by high efficiency, which is achieved through the use of concentrated active ingredients. Such professional exfoliation treatment helps to remove discoloration to an extent unattainable for home peeling or purchased in a pharmacy.
The treatment using chemical peeling is safe and pleasant and it consists in applying the peeling and leaving it for a certain time on the skin. The next stage is cleansing the peeling and treating the skin with a soothing mask. Noticeable gradual peeling of the skin is noticeable for a few days after the treatment. During this period, the skin requires special care i.e. moisturizing the skin, as well as avoiding skin exposure to the sun.

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