Sagging breasts

obwisłe piersiBreasts are one of the most important attributes of femininity. Breast appearance is determined by the content of fatty tissue and skin firmness. The skin supports the breast, therefore it depends on the skin condition whether the breast will retain its attractive appearance, and the skin provides it with elasticity and a beautiful shape. The skin weakens and its density decreases and the drying skin affects the breasts negatively, and sagging breasts appear. The problem with breast appearance may intensify also in the loss of fatty tissue that builds the breasts when they lose their size; it fosters the loss of the oval shape.
Sagging breasts may be a consequence of improper skin care, the lack of moisturizing and nourishing, sun exposure, and frequent hot baths. The skin also loses its firmness with age; there is a decrease in the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers as well as the disappearance of the protective hydro lipid coat. The skin loses density, becomes thin and inelastic.
Sagging breasts after pregnancy is a very common affliction. The cause is a sudden increase in breast volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which leads to the extension of collagen fibers and a decrease in skin firmness. Then even small breasts will not be properly supported and will lose their firmness. In a similar way, the breasts may lose their firmness during slimming treatment. Sudden weight loss, as well as constant weight fluctuations (alternating weight loss and weight gain) are particularly adverse to the appearance of the breasts). The result is that sagging breasts are often accompanied by stretch marks on the skin of the breasts.

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