Sunken face

Zapadnięta twarz

One of the signs of the passing of time and the intensified processes of the aging of the body is the face contours change – the features become less pronounced, the sunken face appears. The physiological phenomenon related to aging of the skin is the decrease of collagen and elastin fibers resulting from the limitation of the synthesis of building proteins. The skin becomes flaccid and not elastic. Other undesirable changes occurring on the face are the disappearance of subcutaneous fat tissue, as well as the slackening of muscle tissue.

Aging of the skin results in a decrease of skin and subcutaneous tissue elasticity, which leads to a disturbance of the face oval – facial features become less distinct, wrinkles and furrows appear, the volume of the cheeks decreases. There are lion’s furrows, tear trough, marionette furrows and nasolabial folds, as well as sagging cheeks. The sunken face adds years, makes us look tired and favours the face oval sagging.

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