Laser Therapy Krakow

Laser therapy is a field of medicine and aesthetic cosmetology. Lasers accompany us today in virtually all areas of industry as well as medicine. The first lasers were made in the 1950s, but a lot has changed since then. In laser therapy and aesthetic medicine, we mainly use technology that has already been used in the treatment of various diseases in conventional medicine. Only after clinical trials did it occur that various types of technologies can be introduced in aesthetic cosmetology with sensational effects. Laser therapy is currently the most effective area of aesthetic medicine used in surgeries. Modern lasers eliminate the shortcomings of beauty and restore youth to the skin, and at the same time are invasive only to a very limited extent. It is extremely important that as part of laser therapy, you rely solely on stimulating the natural processes of skin regeneration, the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Laser treatment for blood vessels, blemishes, scars, stretch marks.

The latest technologies used in laser therapy i.e. Soprano ICE PLATINUM, Harmony XL PRO allow you to effectively get rid of unwanted aesthetic problems. At the Neonia Laser Therapy and Aesthetic Medicine Center, a professional and trained team adapts the type of laser therapy to a given problem. There are numerous clinical treatments for scar removal, stretch marks, blood vessels, discolorations and many rejuvenation treatments available supported by the market-leading MEDICAL CE and FDA certified laser equipment. We welcome you to familiarize yourself with our laser treatment to meet the most demanding challenges, and above all the satisfaction of each client.

Is laser treatment safe?

Global companies, based on the latest laser technologies in aesthetic medicine, put safety first. Formerly a big problem in laser therapy was getting a stable laser, i.e. maintaining the parameters for a long operating time at an even level, which could cause burns. For some manufacturers, especially from China, this problem still occurs. Currently, laser therapy is very safe, if proven and clinically tested equipment is used. However, every laser treatment should be forewarned by a thorough consultation carried out by an experienced specialist who will select the appropriate treatment and exclude contraindications. The combination of trained and experienced staff along with high-quality equipment will make us enjoy the effects of laser treatments and their short convalescence time.