Broken capillaries removal Krakow

Enlarged capillaries and erythema are frequent cosmetic defects that can be successfully combated using aesthetic medicine treatments. This is aimed not only at reducing the already visible capillaries, but also at preventing the development of more advanced skin lesions, such as rosacea. The most effective treatments are laser vascular closure using a Harmony Dye – VL laser.

Closing the vessels with the Dye VL laser allows effective removal of dilated capillaries and discoloration. The beam of light emitted by a laser can be absorbed by both haemoglobin (red blood cell pigment) and melanin (skin pigment). The most important advantages of laser capillaries treatment are:

  • the possibility of comprehensive photorejuvenation of the skin
  • short duration of the procedure
  • slight invasiveness of the procedure
  • minimal risk of skin burns
  • the ability to remove even extensive changes (haemangioma)
  • quickly noticeable effects of therapy

The course of laser vein removal

 The procedure of removing blood vessels with the Harmony Dye – VL laser consists in applying the laser head to areas of skin affected by blood vessels or discoloration. The emitted beam affects haemoglobin – the dye of erythrocytes, or red blood cells flowing through the dilated blood vessels. The thermal effect generated by the laser leads to contraction of the capillaries and their death, which enables permanent removal of such skin lesions. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is red and slightly swollen, the healing process lasts for several days. The best laser treatment is given to small vessels that have been created recently. Fixed vascular lesions may require several laser vascular closure treatments. For a spectacular effect, it is recommended to perform a series of 3 – 4 treatments. The treatment can be painful, but the use of an innovative cooling system reduces discomfort felt during the procedure.

Closure of facial, neck or cleavage vessels should not be performed on tanned skin, so for 4 weeks before the procedure, sun exposure should be discontinued. The face is particularly exposed to the sun’s rays, therefore the treatment is not recommended in the summer. In addition, any photosensitising preparations are not recommended. However, after-treatment recommendations are reduced to avoiding sunbathing for a month. It is not allowed to use the sauna or swimming pool; moreover, in the first days after the treatment, you should not use alcohol-based cosmetics.


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