The Valley of Tears

Dolina łez

The valley of tears is described by a characteristic, unsightly change in the appearance of the face i.e. the skin under the eye drops under the eye socket, and the recess extends up to the middle part of the cheek, evenly to the nasalabial fold. The deepening of the valley of tears progresses with age and results above all from:

  • loss of skin firmness, which are synthesized in evermore smaller amounts of collagen fibers
  • reduction of the amount of fat tissue extending from the sides of the nose and under the eye socket
  • relaxation of the flaccid muscles of the eyes

Genetic predispositions, facial skull shape and lifestyle are also important which includes cigarette smoking, weight fluctuations, sun exposure that influences skin dryness.

The valley of tears gives the face a sad, tired expression and deepens the so-called dark circles under the eyes. Most often, the valley of tears is found in people in middle and old age, but it is also possible to experience the valley of tears at an early age.

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