Excess body fat

nadmiar tkanki tłuszczowej

Overweight and obesity are not only aesthetic but also health problems. Slimming is therefore an investment in the impeccable look of the figure, but also in health. Excess body fat is very often a consequence of an inadequate lifestyle, with particular emphasis on a poorly balanced diet and low active lifestyle. Genetic predisposition is also important. In addition, the metabolic rate decreases with age, which favours the deposition of adipose tissue. Excess fat may also be a consequence of the use of certain drugs, the occurrence of hormonal disorders or some chronic diseases.

Excess body fat can be located evenly throughout the body or be limited locally. In men, excess fat is located most often on the stomach – and such obesity, called central or abdominal obesity is the biggest threat to health. It favours the emergence of the so-called visceral fat and the adiposity of internal organs. In turn, excess fat in women is most often accumulated around the hips and buttocks.

When are we talking about excess body fat? One of the methods to determine overweight is to measure the percentage of the body fat – the standard is 15-20% for men and 20-25% for women. Another method is to calculate the BMI index – the correct one is in the range 19 – 25.

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