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A slim, modeled figure is currently one of the most important beauty attributes. In the pursuit of a perfect figure, a proper diet and physical activity can help, and aesthetic medicine treatments are a perfect complement. Cryolipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to safely and effectively reduce local fatty tissue deposits. The most modern and effective treatment of this type is CLATUU ALPHA cryolipolysis. Thanks to the use of numerous overlays of various anatomical shapes, it is possible to slim each part of the body, and the advanced technology of Surround 360 Cooling allows for much more efficient freezing of adipose tissue.

What is Cryolipolysis?

There are many procedures performed in aesthetic medicine offices that enable local reduction of fatty tissue deposits. Of course, these types of treatments cannot compete with the proper slimming therapy, which consists of a properly composed diet and regular physical activity. However, they are a perfect supplement to the diet and allow you to get faster slimming results. One of the most invasive slimming treatments is liposuction. The least invasive method of constant fat reduction is cryolipolysis, which can be simply described as cold slimming.The cryolipolysis treatment is based on the selective destruction of fat cells without damaging the adjacent tissues. This allows for a high safety profile of the treatment, and at the same time – its high efficiency. The essence of the procedure is the possibility of cooling the subcutaneous tissue to a temperature below zero. Thus, the phenomenon of fat cell apoptosis is induced. It is a controlled process of the destruction and death of fat cells (adipocytes), accompanied by the release of inflammatory cytokines. Inflammation appears already on the third day after the procedure, the maximum intensity of which occurs about a month after the procedure. Then the inflammation begins to subside. Throughout this period, a gradual process of fat cell degradation and slow fat removal by the lymphatic system takes place. The gradual reduction of adipose tissue is accompanied by shrinkage of the skin, which avoids its sagging and leads to a perfect figure.

What are the indications for cryolipolysis?

The indication for cryolipolysis is the desire to reduce local deposits of adipose tissue. Any person who wants to slim down specific parts of the body can decide on such a slimming and body shaping treatment. The treatment perfectly complements the slimming treatment carried out with the help of diet and physical activity. An indication for the procedure is also modeling parts of the body that are difficult to slim down, such as the sides, back or the area above the knees.

The following areas of the body may be subjected to the slimming treatment with cryolipolysis:

  • belly
  • buttocks
  • hips
  • thighs
  • area above the knees
  • sides
  • back
  • arms
  • chin
  • breeches

What distinguishes CLATUU ALPHA cryolipolysis?

There are many cryolipolysis treatments available on the aesthetic medicine market. One of the most modern technologies is CLATUU, i.e. cryolipolysis using modern equipment. The device was developed by the world-renowned Korean company Classys – the world leader in cryolipolysis. This unique treatment is very effective, as well as the possibility of shortening the procedure. What distinguishes CLATUU cryolipolysis most is the 360 ​​Surround Cooling technology. Most of the devices used in cryolipolysis treatments show double-sided action, while CLATUU Alpha is a 360-degree technology, which allows for increasing the effectiveness of the treatment and its significant shortening. All thanks to the even cooling of the treatment area. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of the treatment by up to 18%. Another convenience that distinguishes CLATUU cryolipolysis from other slimming treatments is the possibility of using two independent heads simultaneously. During one, 60-minute treatment, it is possible to slim two areas of the body.

The treatment can be performed with the use of many applicators, differing in size and shape. The following types of cooling applicators can be used during the treatment:

  • Wing Mini designed to slim the armpits, knees and double chin
  • Flat Mini that works well for slimming armpits, knees and double chin
  • Arc – T used on the outer and inner thighs
  • Wing Max that is perfect for the stomach
  • Wing helps slim down belly, sides and folds
  • Wing Plus is perfect for modeling the abdomen, buttocks, sides and breast line
  • Flat is used to slim down the abdomen, thighs and arms

This allows for the optimal adjustment of the applicator to the area of ​​the body to be treated. Such a unique possibility of individualizing the therapy allows the applicator to be adjusted to different parts of the body, circumferences or the content of adipose tissue. Thanks to this, the procedure can be performed on a person with any body structure.

Another advantage of CLATUU cryolipolysis is the ability to cool adipose tissue to -9 degrees. This target temperature is reached very quickly and is kept constant throughout the treatment. The innovative solution used in the CLATUU apparatus is also the suction power increased by 20%, as well as the possibility of personalized adjustment of the applicator’s operating parameters. Thanks to the use of all these solutions, it is possible to reduce the amount of adipose tissue in the treated area by up to 30%.

Clatuu cryolipolysis seems to be the market leader when it comes to reducing body fat. The device offers more effective cooling of the adipose tissue that covers a larger treatment area, and also has more applicator options to adapt to more body shapes. It is effective and fast, with two 360-degree cooling applicators that can be used in the same treatment.

Clatuu Alpha cryolipolysis compared to other cryolipolysis devices

Freezing fat cells using Clatuu Alpha equipment is the most effective and safest cryolipolysis currently available on the market. Unfortunately – many aesthetic medicine offices still use less advanced technologies, and sometimes even low-quality devices with unconfirmed safety and without appropriate certificates are used. Why is it so important? Performing the cryolipolysis procedure with low-quality equipment may result in the lack of satisfactory results of slimming the figure at best, and in the worst case – damage to the surrounding tissues.

The first apparatus used in the procedure of freezing fat cells was Coolsculpting. This technology enables effective freezing of fat cells, but the downside is the long duration of the treatment. The apparatus is equipped with one head, which does not have an anatomical shape. In addition, the head cools down gradually. This means less effective cooling of adipose tissue and a much longer duration of the procedure – about 70 minutes on each side of the body. Another technology used in cryolipolysis treatments is Cooltech. Here, too, the main disadvantage is the lack of an anatomical head and the inability to immediately reach the target low temperature – which prevents quick and effective freezing of fat cells. This means an extended treatment time.

Another procedure available in aesthetic medicine offices is Lipocryo. This procedure involves cooling down the fat cells. However, the equipment used during the procedure does not allow for the fat cells freezing, as it allows the temperature to be reduced to only +3 degrees. This means that this procedure should not be called cryolipolysis and does not ensure effective and safe removal of adipose tissue.

Clatuu cryolipolysis looks impressive against the background of the above-mentioned treatments. What guarantees the great effectiveness of the procedure, as well as a high degree of safety, is the presence of anatomical heads of various sizes. This allows the head surface to be perfectly matched to the area of ​​the body to be treated. The 360 ​​head allows simultaneous cooling of a large area of ​​the body. Another innovative solution is the possibility of cooling the head to the desired temperature before applying it to the body. This allows you to shorten the time it takes to apply the head up to 20 minutes. Ultimately – during the two and a half hour treatment, it is possible to make 6 applications of the heads. No other cryolipolysis procedure allows for such advanced maximization of effects.

Preparation for the cryolipolysis treatment

Before the cryolipolysis treatment, it is worth ensuring proper hydration of the body. 2 – 3 days before the procedure you should drink 2 – 3 liters of water. In order to activate the lymphatic system, it is also good to perform endermology, i.e. lymphatic drainage. A few days before the procedure, it is worth giving up hard-to-digest dishes. The day before the procedure, it is advisable to give up drinking coffee and alcohol. It is also recommended to avoid excessive exposure to the sun for three weeks before the planned cryolipolysis.

How does CLATUU ALPHA cryolipolysis work?

The cryolipolysis treatment begins with the protection of the area of ​​the body subjected to the treatment with a special anti-frosting membrane, which reduces the negative impact of the apparatus on the skin. Then a properly fitted head is applied to the skin, which acts by suctioning the skin fold and cooling the fat tissue. Thanks to the individual adjustment of the equipment operating parameters, the treatment allows for effective and safe reduction of adipose tissue. At the end of the treatment, the skin is massaged, which allows the body temperature to be gradually equalized. The procedure is not painful. It is recommended to combine cryolipolysis with endermology in order to evenly reduce body fat and minimize swelling.

Post-treatment proceedings

Immediately after the treatment, the skin in the treated area may be red. Nevertheless, the procedure does not require convalescence and you can immediately return to your daily activities. The most important post-treatment recommendations are to drink large amounts of water – at least two to three liters a day. Physical activity is inadvisable for two days after the procedure, but it is recommended to perform a lymphatic drainage treatment once a week. For four weeks after the treatment, remember to avoid sunbathing and avoid warming up treatments. Cryolipolysis is a safe procedure that does not adversely affect the skin or internal organs.

What are the effects of Clatuu Alpha cryolpolysis?

One treatment is often enough to achieve spectacular slimming effects. A single treatment may lead to a reduction of about 25 – 45% of adipose tissue in the treated area. A maximum of 6 applications of the head in different parts of the body can be made during one treatment, which allows you to achieve the effect of slimming several parts of the body at the same time. After about 2-3 months, the procedure can be performed again.

The first effects of CLATUU cryolipolysis can be assessed two to three weeks after the procedure, and one to two months for the final effect. During this time, fat cells are broken down and removed from the body via the lymphatic system and the liver. The effect of CLATUU cryolipolysis is slimming of selected parts of the body, as well as firming the skin and strengthening its structure. This allows for comprehensive body contouring. In order for the effects of cryolipolysis to last, it is necessary to follow a proper diet and regular physical activity. The effect of the treatment is permanent (similar to liposuction). Fat cells are destroyed, not shrink.

Contraindications to cryolipolysis

There are several contraindications for the cryolipolysis procedure. First of all – the treatment is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The presence of wounds or skin infections in the treated area also excludes the possibility of performing cryolipolysis. Other contraindications are liver and kidney disorders, advanced diabetes, cancer, epilepsy. The procedure is not performed on people with a pacemaker.

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