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Contaminated skin complexion is a common problem. The state of the skin is determined by genetic predisposition, but also hormone management (estrogen), skin care or exposure to air pollution. Contaminated skin is exposed to the formation of blackheads as well as inflammatory changes. Their consequences may be the formation of acne scars or discoloration. Therefore, professional face cleansing is necessary.

Manual facial cleansing

Manual facial cleansing was once the only cleansing treatment available in the beauty parlour, until there are much more effective and safer methods. Manual facial cleansing consists in manually removing blackheads by squeezing them. The first stage of the treatment is the make-up removal and enzymatic or fine-grained peeling. The next step is to make a steam bath, which is to expand the pores to facilitate their manual purification. The steam bath operation complements the use of softening ointments. Next, the beautician manually cleanses the blackheads. After cleaning the face of the blackheads, a mask soothing the skin is used.

Manual face cleansing is a procedure that is becoming less common. One of the reasons is limiting its use to normal or mixed skin. Oily skin can respond to even greater production of sebum. The manual face cleansing procedure is also not recommended for sensitive and capillary skin. It is also impossible to perform the treatment on the skin affected by acne lesions, as the inflammatory changes may intensify. Another disadvantage of manual facial cleansing is the risk of scars and discoloration when the procedure is performed unskillfully.

Facial cleansing with acids

Cleansing contaminated skin with acids is a procedure based on making chemical peels. Thanks to their application, the effect of exfoliation and lightening of the skin is obtained. W zależności od stanu skóry można dopasować taki peeling, which perfectly reduces any imperfections. Other peeling applications bring great effects. These include:

  • mandelic
  • pyruvic
  • salicylic
  • glycolic

The advantage of cleansing the face with acids is the high effectiveness of the treatment and its safety, and the ability to apply it to sensitive skin or acne.

Treatment with the use of medical peeling consists in applying the appropriate peeling to the face. The effective exfoliation of dead skin occurs by loosening the intercellular connections. In addition, chemical peeling penetrates to the sebaceous glands, unblocking them and removing residual fat and exfoliated epidermal cells. An additional benefit of skin acid cleansing treatment is:

  • skin lightening
  • reduction of discoloration and acne scars
  • reducing the seborrhea of the skin
  • reducing the visibility of the expanded pores
  • smoothing fine wrinkles

It is worth performing a series of several treatments using chemical peeling for the best effect, and constantly performing re-treatment. Post-treatment care is essential for ultimate effect as well as proper skin care and avoiding sun exposure and the use of UV filters.

Laser facial cleansing

Laser therapy is an effective method of cleansing the skin. The use of the iPixel laser provides an immediate effect of skin purification and revitalization. This fractional laser ablation emits a beam of light that generates a thermal effect in the skin. Disposable emission of several dozen light beams allows skin micro damages to be formed, around which the tissue remains intact. There are intensified regeneration processes, synthesis of new collagen fibers and remodeling of the skin surface.

It is possible to reduce the visibility of the pores thanks to the laser facial cleansing, reduction of acne scars or discoloration. The skin is radiant and full of light. For the best effect, it is worth performing a series of several laser facial cleansing treatments at 2-4 week intervals. The effects of the treatment are noticeable immediately, and the ultimate effect is evident after 1-3 months. After laser facial cleansing, care should be taken to avoid sun exposure and use SPF 50 filters for one month after surgery.

Facial cleansing at the beautician

Microdermabrasion is an effective and safe technology, used in beauty parlours. This treatment allows mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis to a controlled depth, which leads to removal of dead epidermal cells. As a result, this facial cleansing at the beautician reduces the tendency to blackheads or acne. In addition, the removal of the top layers of skin cells promotes the intensive multiplication of new skin cells. This provides the effect of remodeling the skin. The effects following microdermabrasion are:

  • reduction of blackheads
  • narrowing of skin pores
  • smoothing the skin surface
  • reduction of skin discolorations or acne scars

Diamond microdermabrasion can be used to cleanse the face as well as the corundum. The treatment lasts for several dozen minutes and is painless. It is worth performing a series of several treatments, preferably 6-10 procedures carried out at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

Cleansing the face of pimples and blackheads

Deep facial cleansing of pimples and blackheads is a procedure that should not be done on your own at home; mechanical removal of blackheads or purulent lesions is also not recommended. This promotes the formation of inflammation of the skin, which in the worst case may end up in scars remaining. The most effective treatments are offered in a beauty parlour or aesthetic medicine, which ensure effective and safe skin cleansing. They do not contribute to the formation of inflammation; moreover, they can effectively reduce their development. Hydrogen purification, laser therapy, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion is a perfect complement to daily skin care and a way to remove deep impurities, which will help to maintain an impeccable skin condition.

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