Sun spot blemishes

plamy posłoneczneSun spot blemishes are skin discolorations caused by exposure to UV radiation. This refers to sunspot and solarium blemishes appearing. Tanning spots can appear in everyone, particularly in people who are predisposed:

  • using hormonal drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics or antidepressants
  • suffering from liver and thyroid disease
  • affected by hormonal disorders (e.g. during pregnancy or menopause)
  • using cosmetics containing photosensitizing ingredients
  • burdened with genetic predispositions

Sun spot blemish discoloration is characterized by brown spots of various sizes and shapes, which arise from the accumulation of skin pigment i.e. melanin in skin cells. The location of the sun spot blemishes depends on skin areas exposed to the sun. Sun spot blemishes have a lasting character and require specialized methods of removing them. It is better to prevent their formation than to cure them, and anti-UV filters are invaluable in preventing tanning spots.

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