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Skin discolorations are spots on the skin, most often of a brown color, which may arise under the influence of UV rays, local inflammation of the skin or hormonal disorders. The discoloration of the face or hands, and therefore visible parts of the skin, are particularly troublesome. Aesthetic medicine enables effective skin discoloration removal – lentil spots, acne spots and sunspots.

Skin discoloration removal

Effective skin discoloration removal should focus on removing excessive cumulative pigment in the skin – melanin. Many people looking for the best remedy for skin discoloration often reach for ointments or brightening creams. Usually, however, the use of this type of cosmetics does not bring a satisfactory result. On the other hand, professional methods of discoloration removal used in the aesthetic medicine clinic turn out to be very effective. What do beauty clinics offer for discoloration? An effective way to remove skin discolorations of various types is a laser therapy. Another method of removing skin spots is by exfoliating the skin with medical peels or diamond microdermabrasion. These methods are safe and give quick noticeable effects – usually a few short treatments are enough to regain a healthy skin colour.

Removal of post-acne hyperpigmentation

Post-acne hyperpigmentation is caused by acne-related inflammatory skin changes. Often occur together with acne scars, which are atrophic types of scars. Laser therapy is the most effective therapy that guarantees the post-acne discoloration removal. The combination of two types of laser – Dye VL and iPIXEL – brings excellent results. The Dye VL laser emits a 500 – 600 nm laser beam; the light is absorbed by melanin, which is broken down and removed from the body. The iPIXEL laser, on the other hand, is a laser that emits many micro-rays that lead to the formation of thermal micro-injuries. Their healing is accompanied by skin remodelling, the reduction of small acne scars and smoothing of the skin.

Discoloration treatments – acid and laser discoloration removal

Post-sun discoloration and lentigo discoloration can be successfully removed with laser or medical peels. Specialized acid peels enable skin exfoliation, which reduces the discoloration and makes the skin smoother. Ferulic acid and mandelic acid are the most effective acids for discoloration removal. The effectiveness of medical peels is much higher than that of drugstore peels performed in the privacy of your home. Due to the effective impact on the skin, acids peels for discoloration removal should be performed by an experienced cosmetologist only. It is possible to remove discolorations on the face, hands, neckline and neck with chemical peels. Performing a series of several treatments will provide the effect of smooth, brightened and rejuvenated skin.

Removal of discolorations on the face and skin in other body locations is also possible thanks to laser treatments. Laser discoloration removal usually requires several treatments and allows simultaneous skin rejuvenation as well as vascular lesions removal. The laser emits a beam of light, which is absorbed selectively by melanin, the dye that creates discoloration. Thanks to this selective action, the correct cells are not exposed to the laser, which minimizes the risk of burns. In addition, it is possible to reduce other signs of photoaging, such as small wrinkles, capillaries, enlarged skin pores and erythema.

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