Under-eye bags

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The skin underneath the eyes is very delicate, which makes it prone to aesthetic defects. One of the most common are dark circles and under-eye bags. Often, these changes occur simultaneously, which is conditioned by the occurrence of thin and delicate skin under the eyes, as well as a smaller number of sebaceous glands. Another factor favouring the creation of unsightly changes under the eyes is inferior perfusion and the tendency to accumulate lymph, as well as the lack of subcutaneous fat tissue

What are the causes of under-eye bags/dark circles?

Causes often lie in unhealthy habits and unhygienic lifestyle. These are the habits that are conducive to the disruption of blood circulation and lymph stagnation, which generates swelling under the eyes. The common causes of the formation of under-eye bags are:

  • insufficient amount of sleep
  • wrong position during sleep (sleeping on the stomach)
  • alcohol abuse and smoking
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • excess of salt in the diet
  • excessive exposure to the sun

Improper skin care underneath the eyes is of a big importance – the lack of moisturizing, the use of too greasy creams, rubbing the eyes and stretching the skin under the eyes during makeup removal, as well as inaccurate makeup removing or its total lack.

If under-eye bags are caused by the above-mentioned causes, then they are temporary and eliminating these factors will help to reduce the problem with under-eye bags and dark circles underneath the eyes. Sometimes, however, under-eye bags last much longer – then genetic factors or diseases may be responsible.

Under-eye bags may be conditioned by genetic predispositions, as well as the specific construction of the facial bones. Wide set eye sockets bones favour the collapse of thin skin underneath the eyes. Another cause of under-eye bags is the physiological process of aging of the skin, which boils down to skin and muscle sagging.

The formation of under-eye bags and dark circles underneath the eyes can be promoted by some diseases, such as allergies, anemia, thyroid disorders, blood circulation disorders and kidney disease.

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