Lumbago treatment Krakow

Leczenie lumbago

In treating lumbago, it may be helpful to change your lifestyle to a more active one, which means regular exercise or daily stretching. A well-chosen massage is also a good idea. The best solution for this condition is, however, a modern method, involving mechanical massage using LPG Alliance Medical Cellu M6.

This device originated in France, although it appeared quite recently in Poland and was quickly appreciated by patients with various afflictions, including lumbago. In many of the most developed countries, and is definitely the number one choice among physiotherapy devices, even more so since this mechanical method effectively combats not only back pain, but it also eliminates both joint and muscle pain. The best proof of its highest quality is the fact that the best athletes in the world and professional football clubs benefit from LPG Alliance, such as Real Madrid, Chelsea London or Juventus Turin.

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