Loss of skin firmness on the face

utrata jędrności skóry twarz

Firm and elastic skin is one of the most important attributes of youth; in turn, the flabby, lacking firmness skin – it is the most recognizable sign of the passing of time. The loss of skin firmness is influenced both by the physiological processes of skin aging and lifestyle. The first signs of skin firmness loss can be noticed after the age of 20, and the most visible changes start around the age of 40.

The skin loses its firmness all over the body, but the most noticeable changes occur on the facial skin. This is due to the fact that the face is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of environmental factors and is very sensitive to lack of care or inappropriate care; the facial mimicry also has a significant effect on skin sagging.

As the years go by, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, which constitute a natural scaffold for the skin, decreases. In addition, decreases the level of hyaluronic acid, which by binding the water is responsible for in-depth hydration of the skin. What is more, the protective hydrolipid layer of the skin may disappear, that may lead to reduced synthesis of the natural moisturizing factor, called NMF.

Loss of facial skin firmness may result from inappropriate habits – sunbathing without UV filters, smoking cigarettes, insufficient moisturizing of the skin, improper diet. Both physiological factors associated with skin aging and environmental factors ultimately lead to skin flaccidity, diminished skin density and dryness. Loss of facial skin firmness leads to wrinkles and deep furrows; the face oval changes, eyebrows and eyelids start lowering, as well as cheeks drooping.

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