Acne rosacea treatment Krakow

Leczenie trądziku różowatego

Acne Rosacea is a chronic skin condition, which requires adequate treatment therapy. The treatment of rosacea requires the use of general and local pharmacotherapy, as well as appropriate skin care. Aesthetic medical treatment is helpful in order to remove unsightly skin lesions associated with rosacea. Professional surgery enables the treatment of acne rosacea alleviating its symptoms and reducing the risk of permanent skin lesions.

What is the most effective treatment procedure for Acne Rosacea?

In the case of acne rosacea, increasing the sensitivity of skin is the effect of external stimuli, and a laser which does not generate excessive skin irritation or damage should be used. The treatment of acne rosacea with the use of the Pro Dye – VL laser brings excellent results in a short space of time. This laser emits high energy light beams and, at the same time, a very short pulse. The energy of the laser beam penetrates deep into the skin, enabling the closing of dilated capillaries, as well as the reduction of discoloration. The acne laser effectively removes redness, narrows enlarged pores, and smoothes the skin. Acne rosacea laser removal assumes a series of about 3-4 treatments procedures.
Medical chemical peels  are also used in the treatment of rosacea. Such treatments use exfoliating formulations with high concentration of active compounds, noticeably improving the condition of acne skin. Peels for rosacea help to alleviate inflammation, regulate skin keratinization processes, and brighten discolorations and have a bacteriostatic effect. The optimal treatment effect can be obtained after a series of several treatment procedures.

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