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Ablative Skin resurfacing iPIXEL™ is an erbium: yag technology introduced by the Alma harmony XL pro platform. The Fractional iPIXEL ™ laser is recommended for people who want to refresh their skin and eliminate imperfections. Therapy is a great solution for those who expect rapid improvement of the condition of the skin. This technology is unrivaled in shrinking the expanded pores and exfoliates the epidermis. The resurfacing treatment of the skin gives great results by reducing wrinkles, improving the density of the skin and giving the effect of photo-cooling.


Fractional ablative laser

The new technology which uses iPIXEL™ is the replacement of one laser beam with a set of several dozen micro beams. The laser matrix leads to a set of points (pixels) due to the full control of the depth of penetration into the epidermis and the dermis. These are micro thermal injuries that leave the “bridges” of the tissue intact, that is healthy cells accelerating the reconstruction of a given area. The skin heals very quickly and the total regeneration with new cells takes place after a month as a result of this technology.

Resurfacing effects:

The first effects are visible after a few days following the first treatment. Stimulation of collagen fibers in the deep layers of the skin is another advantage of the treatment procedure. Thanks to a series of iPIXEL™ treatments, there is a gradual increase in tension and skin smoothing. The convalescence period lasts up to 14 days. There is dryness and a feeling of skin stretching Immediately after treatment. Redness, burning sensation, and swelling of the treated area can last up to three days. There are scabs that become exfoliated after about 5 days. It is necessary to use moisturizing dermo cosmetics in order to speed up the regenerative processes of the epidermis. It is also necessary to protect against the harmful effects of sun beams, i.e. the application of creams with a high filter (SPF 50). The treatment works on many levels and in addition to significant skin firmness, significant reductions in wrinkles and lightening of discolorations is achieved. In addition, at the same time laser removal of scars and other skin imperfections. Skin resurfacing can be performed in any part of our body to firm it even on the delicate skin of the bust. It should be remembered, however, that the procedure itself is invasive so once you are limited in area to a maximum of one large part of the body such as the abdomen or two smaller ones such as neck and cleavage or face and cleavage. Qualification for the procedure is always preceded by a consultation, during which a decision is made whether the ipixel will be better for the patient or the less invasive non-ablative fractional clear line laser.

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