Skin biostimulation

Ellanse and Linerase treatments

In recent years, treatments with the use of fillers, e.g. hyaluronic acid, have been very popular. No wonder – a minimally invasive treatment lasting several minutes, consisting in injecting specific areas of the face with a filler, allows for immediate rejuvenation. It turns out, however, that even more can be required from such a treatment – because if a special type of filler is used, then a long-lasting effect of skin biostimulation can be obtained. The use of Linerase and Ellanse fillers allows you to get an immediate effect of filling wrinkles and correcting the oval of the face, as well as comprehensive skin biostimulation. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers, it is possible to improve the quality of the skin over many months.

skin biostimulation

Linerase – the latest generation atelocollagen

Collagen fillers have been known for many years, but their use has been associated with the occurrence of allergic reactions. This problem was solved by using new generation collagen, i.e. atelocollagen. It is a collagen devoid of telopeptides, i.e. sections responsible for the immunogenic properties of collagen3. Thanks to this, the use of atelocollagen is completely safe, as it does not lead to allergies. Linerase is a filler containing atelocollagen – lyophilized equine collagen type I, which is obtained and purified without the use of proteolytic enzymes. Thanks to this, there is no degradation of the protein structure. What’s more – the collagen obtained in this way does not need to undergo the process of cross-linking in order to stabilize it, which translates into very high bioactivity. Thanks to it, atelocollagen Linerase leads to a very effective stimulation of collagen synthesis at the injection site. Due to the fact that collagen is the most important supporting protein of the skin, increasing the intensity of its synthesis allows you to rejuvenate and firm the skin, as well as increase its density. The treatment with the use of a tissue stimulator such as atelocollagen allows to obtain an extremely natural and at the same time spectacular effect of skin remodeling.

Indications for the Linerase treatment

The use of an atelocollagen-containing filler is perfect for reducing signs of skin aging such as dryness, laxity, and wrinkles. In addition, the Linerase preparation stimulates skin regeneration processes, supports the treatment of atrophic scars (e.g. acne scars) and stretch marks. The indication for the use of Linerase filler is therefore the need for a comprehensive rejuvenation of the face, neck and cleavage, hands and body. The Linerase treatment can be performed by anyone over the age of 25, because after exceeding this age limit, collagen synthesis gradually decreases, and thus – the first signs of skin aging appear.

What does the Linerase treatment look like and what effect can I get?

The Linerase treatment is a quick and simple procedure. The preparation is administered with a thin needle at intervals of 1 – 3 mm over the area of ​​the skin to be treated. After the treatment, a gentle skin massage is performed. The procedure takes only several dozen minutes, and no convalescence is required after the procedure. After the procedure, only a slight swelling and redness at the injection site may appear, which disappear spontaneously after a few to several hours. To achieve a spectacular rejuvenation effect, it is worth performing 2 – 4 treatments, which should be repeated two weeks apart.

What effects can you expect?

Performing a series of treatments using Linerase atelocollagen very quickly leads to the appearance of the first effects. The effect of removing wrinkles is noticeable immediately, while a noticeable thickening and elasticity of the skin appears after 4 weeks. And most importantly – the effects of the therapy last up to 12-18 months. After this time, it is worth performing a reminder treatment once a quarter.

Ellanse – the most revolutionary range of fillers

Ellanse preparations contain a unique component – the polymer polycaprolactone PCL. This compound is in the form of microspheres suspended in a gel carrier. These microspheres measure between 25 and 50 micrometers. Depending on the length of the polymer chain, four types of preparation are distinguished, differing in the duration of the treatment effect:

– Ellanse S works up to 12 months

– Ellanse M works up to 18 months

– Ellanse L works up to 24 months

– Ellanse E works up to 36 months

Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable compound, therefore it is fully absorbed. However, before the bioresorption of polycaprolactone occurs, this compound constitutes a natural implant for the newly synthesized collagen fibers. This differs Ellanse from other fillers where, from the moment the preparation is introduced under the skin, a gradual effect of their volume disappearance is noticeable. In the case of Ellanse, however, the full volume of the filler is maintained until it is completely bioresorbed.

Indications for the Ellanse treatment

Ellanse is distinguished by the fact that the duration of the effect is regulated, so the therapy with the use of this preparation allows for personalization. The Ellanse preparation is used primarily as a filler to reduce deep wrinkles and furrows, including nasolabial folds, lion wrinkles or marionette lines. In addition, this preparation is perfect for modeling the chin and nose, as well as the cheeks and jawline. As with Linerase filler, Ellanse can also be used on the face, neck and backs of the hands.

What does the Ellanse treatment look like and what are the effects?

The treatment consists in introducing Ellanse to the appropriate depth of the skin using a thin needle. After the injection is finished, a gentle massage is performed in order to evenly distribute the preparation. The procedure takes several dozen minutes. The redness and swelling appearing at the injection site disappear on their own. The effect of the use of Ellanse is an intense stimulation of neocolagenesis processes, which translates into replenishing the volume in the area of ​​furrows and wrinkles, as well as modulating the face oval. In addition, the skin is firmed and thickened, which provides a lifting effect without adding volume. One treatment is enough to notice such a desired effect.

Contraindications for Linerase and Ellanse treatments

Both Linerarse and Ellanse are clinically tested preparations, so their use is safe. There are, however, several contraindications to performing treatments with the use of these preparations. Here they are:

– pregnancy and lactation

– tumors

– decompensated diabetes

– autoimmune diseases

– inflammation or skin infections.

Skin biostimulation
Procedure 1 Procedure (PLN) Package (PLN) Package (PLN)
Skin biostimulation
package of 3 treatments
Linerasse 1 ampoule 1300 39003500
Ellanse S 1500 45004100
Ellanse M 1600 48004400
Ellanse L 1700 51004700
Ellanse E 1800 54005000

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