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Laser removal of scars and stretch marks is the most efficient and effective method of leveling, reducing or completely eliminating the problem of scars and stretch marks. The only action method available is the Er:YAG fractional ablation laser or CO² laser. Although you can find scar removal treatments on the market using an ablation laser, the effects do not meet customer expectations, due to too delicate action. Scars and stretch marks are a deep skin defect that require controlled damage and skin remodeling, thus leading to controlled inflammation in both the dermis and epidermis, so that regeneration can take place in these places. Unfortunately, this effect is only achieved by ablation.

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Laser scar removal

Scars, especially in visible places, such as the face, can significantly affect the self-esteem and the well-being of patients. Until recently, laser scar removal was performed mainly using the Co² laser. It is a method that is still highly efficient and popular, but has its limitations, especially with regards to hypertrophic scars, where it can do more harm than good. In this case, the Er:YAG ablation laser, which has appropriate operating modes for atrophic and hypertrophic scars, performs much better. Alma Lasers has created a laser based on Er:YAG technology, which is an effective solution for acne scars, burns, post-operative scars or after unsuccessful tattoo removal. Laser removal of scars using the ipixel device is extremely effective and at the same time very safe.

iPixel technology

The iPIXEL technology from Alma Lasers creates problematic inflammatory spots in the areas without damaging the healthy tissues surrounding them. As a result, the convalescence period is shorter and the treatment is effective. Unlike a CO2 laser, it does not cause such a risk of complications such as re-scarring, discolouration, persistent erythema, etc. the iPIXEL laser is based on the use of several dozen microbes, with a strictly controlled depth of penetration matched to the skin layer we want to work with. The laser damages the surface of the epidermis and the dermis by evaporating the water in the tissues, causing intensive exfoliation after the procedure. As a result, the scars are reduced, and the “irregularities” of the skin are leveled. The skin regains its new look and is firmer. Regeneration of the skin does not end with its superficial healing; the entire treatment process continues for 6 months following the preceding treatment.

Other methods of removing scars

The effects depend on many aspects such as: depth of scar, area, size, reason for its emergence. With scars it is good to combine treatment and support laser work with platelet rich plasma, which accelerates regeneration. The use of Endermolift technology significantly influences the mobility of the scar by improving it. Needle mesotherapy, on the other hand, will lead to active substances, such as amino acids and vitamins, to nourish the damaged tissue. It is worth remembering that with large scars, the duration of action is long and stretched over time. The achieved results will be a significantly reduced scar rather than a completely eliminated one.




Laser stretch marks removal

Stretch marks, just like cellulite, are a problem faced by both lean, athletic and obese people. Men also struggle with stretch marks, especially on the back which is such an unwanted gift after the period of growing up. Stretch marks are extremely persistent and difficult to remove by traditional methods. That’s why laser stretch marks removal has become so popular. The iPIXEL Er:YAG technology perfectly removes stretch marks from even the most delicate body parts, such as the breast or abdomen, but also copes with larger areas such as the thighs or back. The procedure itself is performed with anesthesia of lidocaine and is not very painful. After the treatment stretch marks can discolour and become darker, which can last up to several weeks. The procedure requires 4-6 repetitions, in intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. The end result is satisfactory even for the most demanding and lasts for a very long time. Skin firming in the areas of laser activity and rejuvenation of these areas is an additional advantage of laser removal of stretch marks, which can be especially pleasing to women after childbirth.


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