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Excess weight and cellulite are conditions that affect more and more people. In the fight against them, it turns out to be a more effective change in lifestyle, with particular emphasis on physical activity and diet. Professional slimming treatments, which are a perfect supplement to a healthy lifestyle, are also helpful. The acoustic wave is one of them. Initially, this procedure was dedicated to people in need of physiotherapy treatments, though another shockwave application was quickly discovered. Apparatus emitting an acoustic wave is perfect for slimming and anti-cellulite treatments, because unique oscillatory movements influence the fat tissue as well as the skin in a desirable way.

Slimming with acoustic wave

In the Neonia clinic, AWT (acoustic wave therapy) is performed using Swiss brand Storz Medial apparatus. This technology is available at renowned beauty clinics around the world and enables completely non-invasive reduction of fat tissue and skin imperfections. The acoustic wave, or sound wave is a wave with very high energy, and has the unique ability to introduce tissues into vibrations. Such oscillations of variable frequency are conducive to the spread of acoustic waves within soft tissues, which results in alternate stretching and relaxation of the connective tissue. This results in the slimming effect and anti-cellulite effect of such therapy, as well as the firming effect.
Slimming by means of an acoustic wave results mainly from the breakdown of fat cells

Slimming by means of an acoustic wave results mainly from the breakdown of fat cells, which promotes the removal of fat from the body and is reflected in the reduction of body circumference. In turn, the anti-cellulite effect is a consequence of the skin firming and the increase of its tension, which facilitates the maintenance of fat cells within the subcutaneous tissue and reduces any bulging and unevenness of the skin. The treatment is effective even in the case of advanced cellulite grade III and IV, or fibrotic cellulite. In addition, the acoustic wave provides the lymphatic drainage effect, which significantly supports both slimming and smoothing the skin on the body. In addition, improving lymph circulation promotes body detoxification and reduction of troublesome edema.

The effects of shock wave treatment

The shock wave is most frequently used in the area of the abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs. The procedure itself lasts several dozen minutes and consists in the application of a special ultrasound gel, and then applying a special head to the surface of the skin. Such acoustic wave slimming treatment is completely painless and safe, and there are no changes remaining on the skin requiring convalescence. Preparing for acoustic wave treatment is also not required. The effects are noticeable after the first treatment with the skin being more tense and smoothed, and the edema is reduced. However, several treatment procedures using a shockwave leads to:

  • significant increase in skin elasticity
  • reduction of cellulite and swelling, as well as feelings of heaviness in the legs
  • increase in abdominal muscle tension after pregnancy
  • reduction in the circumference of individual parts of the body by several cm.

It is recommended to perform a series of 6 – 10 treatments, with a frequency of 2 treatments per week. It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 liters of fluids a day in order to optimize the effects following acoustic wave treatment, and using a digestible diet with a reduced content of animal fats and regular, moderate physical activity.

Acoustic wave in combination with endermology

Slimming and anti-cellulite effects of acoustic wave treatments result from the breaking up of fat tissue. Adipocytes released from fat particles are then removed from the body through changes in the liver. However, it is worthwhile improving the movement of fatty acids from the place of their release in order for this process to take place successfully. Therefore, it is recommended to combine the shockwave with the endermologic procedure.

Endermology is a treatment that offers advanced massage of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which improves blood and lymph circulation. Such lymphatic drainage is conducive to effective redirection of released fat to the liver. Endothermic lipomassage is successfully used for the local reduction of body fat. However, the truly spectacular effects are brought by combined therapy i.e. acoustic wave treatment supplemented with endermology. As in the case of a shockwave, LPG endotherm is a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure. It provides the effect of firming the skin, modeling the figure in the support of the slimming process and reduction of cellulite. It facilitates the removal of edema as well as the removal of toxins and harmful metabolites from the subcutaneous tissue.

Performing a series of treatments using an acoustic wave, supplemented with lipomassage treatments guarantee effective reduction of body fat in the most problematic areas of the body, and the skin becomes tense and smooth. No other self-administered therapy will bring such satisfactory results as the combination of two treatments with complementary effects.

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Shock Wave – Acoustic wave Krakow

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