Wrinkles removalWrinkles are a sign of aging that appears in everyone. The amount and depth of wrinkles determines how our age is assessed. Therefore, it is not surprising, that wrinkles treatments are becoming more and more popular – these give the possibility of noticeable wrinkles reduction and skin smoothing. Aesthetic medicine offers both effective treatments for the first wrinkles and treatments that shallow out very deep wrinkles and furrows. In order to remove wrinkles, treatments can be applied locally, reducing individual wrinkles or the entire face, neck or décolleté can be rejuvenated. Recommended wrinkles treatments include Botox or Hyaluronic Acid wrinkles removal, laser smoothing, thermolifting, microdermabrasion and needle mesotherapy.

Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound that provides hydration of the skin and maintains its elasticity. Therefore, the comprehensive use of hyaluronic acid in anti-aging therapy is not surprising. Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid gives an immediate effect of wrinkles smoothing; a particularly spectacular effect is ensured by the use of hyaluronic acid to smooth deep furrows. But this is not the only effect of the treatment – in addition to immediate smoothing of wrinkles, hyaluronic acid has a long-lasting effect, ensuring skin moisturizing and firming.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is inserted under the skin with a thin needle, and the procedure is fast and safe. The small pain associated with puncturing the skin is reduced with the use of anaesthetic cream. The effect of wrinkles filling with cross-linked hyaluronic acid is maintained for 6 – 8 months. The treatment can be repeated and no recovery period is required. The use of hyaluronic acid is perfect for a lion’s furrow, nasolabial folds and marionette wrinkles.

Botox wrinkles removal (botox)

Botulinum toxin, or botox is another natural substance used for wrinkles removal. Botox inhibits neuromuscular conduction, which gives the effect of muscle relaxation and mimic wrinkles smoothing. Botulinum toxin is used to reduce wrinkles on the forehead, lion’s furrow or crow’s feet, rabbit wrinkles and smoker’s wrinkles. Botox can also be used in the case of shallow, less visible wrinkles – it smoothes them and reduces the formation of new wrinkles and deepening those already existing.

Botox wrinkles removal lasts several minutes, and the effect is noticeable after a few – a dozen or so days and lasts for about 4 – 6 months. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to daily activities, no time for regeneration is required – traces of punctures are practically invisible. Do not be afraid of the “mask effect” – the use of Botox exclusively within the wrinkles does not disturb facial expressions of the whole face and does not contribute to the creation of an unnatural, unsightly end result.

Laser wrinkles reduction

Removing wrinkles with laser is an effective method of rejuvenating, which boils down to stimulating physiological processes that promote skin revitalization, increase it’s density and smoothness. In contrast to filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid or smoothing them with Botox, that are therefore only symptomatic methods, treating wrinkles with a laser leads to an advanced reduction of wrinkles and skin elasticity improvement. For this reason, it is a method that slows down the aging process of the skin, and even more – it provides noticeable rejuvenation.

The most important types of lasers used for wrinkles smoothing are ablation fractional laser and non-ablative fractional laser. The main difference concerns the invasiveness of the procedure – the ablation laser generates microdamages of the skin, while non-ablative ones maintain the continuity of the skin. The iPIXEL anti-wrinkle treatment consists in generating a thermal effect in the skin, which causes the evaporation of the tissue water and the formation of microdamages in the skin. It stimulates the process of skin remodelling and regeneration, which leads to stimulation of collagen synthesis, increase of skin density and wrinkles smoothing. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is red and convalescence is necessary, while the final effect is noticeable after about a month.

In turn, the ClearLift non-ablative laser works on the level of the dermis, heating the tissue and leading to the shrinkage of collagen fibers. The effect of a non-ablative laser is less spectacular than in the case of an ablative laser, but the undoubted advantage of the procedure is it’s non-invasive nature, and therefore the lack of convalescence.

Laser wrinkles removal is a comprehensive skin resurfacing treatment that – apart from wrinkles – also reduces other signs of skin aging. This is a much more long-term solution than the use of wrinkles fillers. Intensive regeneration of the skin after the laser wrinkles removal provides an effect that lasts for many months.

Small wrinkles treatments

Small and shallow wrinkles can be smooth out with the help of needle mesotherapy and microdermabrasion. Needle mesotherapy is a procedure of introducing nutrients into the skin using thin needles. Thanks to this, active compounds reach exactly where they are supposed to work, as well as skin needling stimulates collagen synthesis as part of compensatory skin regeneration. Medical needle mesotherapy leads to the skin rejuvenation and smoothing, it’s firming and restoring its radiance. This treatment can be used to remove face wrinkles, as well as on the neck and cleavage.

Diamond microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that works much deeper than traditional peels. The spraying of exfoliating substances under pressure leads to the removal of dead epidermal cells, but also the synthesis of new cells is stimulated. And it is the skin remodelling that leads to the rejuvenation and smoothing of its surface, as well as the small wrinkles flattening.

The effects of both of these treatments on wrinkles are not noticeable immediately, but with the passage of time you can see the long-term effects of skin stimulation.

Below treatments for: Wrinkles removal

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.
Ablative Skin resurfacing iPIXEL™ is an erbium: yag technology introduced by the Alma harmony XL pro platform. The Fractional iPIXEL ™ laser is recommended for people who want to refresh their skin and eliminate imperfections. Therapy is a great solution for those who expect rapid improvement of the condition of the skin.
Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments for exfoliating epidermis. It is a cosmetic procedure based on mechanical, non-invasive exfoliation of dead epidermal cells. Therefore, this treatment will be perfect for people whose aim is to refresh the skin and deeply smooth it.

Thermolifting NIR  Krakow

Soprano Ice Platinum

Passing time is reflected in the appearance of our skin, which loses its elasticity, sags and is more and more susceptible to the formation of wrinkles and folds. However, you do not have to put yourself in the hands of the plastic surgeon in order to stop this process and eliminate existing imperfections.
The world’s first non-ablative fractional laser. Awarded the most prestigious award in the world’s aesthetic medicine in London at the “MyFaceMyBody”awards as the best Anti-aging treatment. Clear lift treatment is extremely effective even in the case of difficult to remove skin imperfections, at the same time it does not damage the delicate skin of the face, neck and neckline.
Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is physiologically found in our body; its role is to hydrate the skin and provide it with adequate elasticity and firmness. The unique properties of hyaluronic acid result from the ability to bind water.
Botox, or the procedure of aesthetic medicine with the use of botulinum toxin is a popular aesthetic medicine treatment, which allows reducing wrinkles, as well as the prevention of their formation. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin synthesized by Clostridium botulinum.

Needle Mesotherapy Krakow

Face, neck and cleavage

Needle mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure for the skin regeneration and rejuvenation. The essence of the treatment is the intradermal introduction of active compounds – in this way the epidermal barrier is overcome, through which many compounds applied on the surface of the skin do not penetrate.

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