Skin spotsSkin spots are treated only as an aesthetic issue by many people, when, in fact, they may be a manifestation of health problems. Therefore, any such skin change requires dermatological consultation. What is a skin spot and how do you distinguish it from other skin changes? Skin spots are distinguished by the following features:

– the spot is clearly separated from the surrounding skin
– the spot is distinguished only by a different coloration, not by a structure
– the skin spot is not palpable and lies in the same plane as the surrounding skin
Spots may have different colours, and the skin spot colour may provide a clue about the cause of its formation. The most frequent occurrence is that red skin spots that turn into a brown shade are associated with vascular disorders or skin congestion, blue spots are a consequence of insufficient blood supply to the skin lesion or change. White skin spots are associated with local depigmentation, and brown skin spots are the result of excessive skin pigmentation.
Skin spots may arise as a consequence of excessive skin congestion, often accompanied by inflammation. These may be red spots on the face, spots on the palms and in a different location, which under the influence of skin tightness temporarily fade. Considering the size and the extent of such stains, the following are distinguished:
erythema spots associated with viral infections or having drug-like effects; are minor skin lesions which may coalesce
erythema appearing temporarily under the influence of blood vessels, e.g. certain medications or emotions; erythema of a permanent nature is accompanied by inflammation in the course of photo allergic or phototoxic reaction; erythema is a skin lesion more extensive than erythematous lesions
erythroderma is a very extensive inflammatory skin lesion and takes the form of red spots on the skin, it peels and flakes and is possibly itchy;
In contrast to the red spots on the skin associated with its congestion, areas of insufficient blood circulation are bluish, which results from the deoxygenation of blood. These types of changes can be generated by low temperatures, venous insufficiency or blood disorders (e.g., polyglobulism).

Another group of skin spots are those associated with vascular disorders, or more precisely they are the excessive expansion of blood vessels. These can be acquired or are congenital changes. Congenital skin changes are:
– angiomas, i.e. neoplastic lesions of brown, blue or red spots on the skin of the hand, face or torso
– birthmarks
In turn, acquired changes are primarily teleangiectasia, vascular spider veins and senile hemangiomas.

Brown skin spots most are frequently a consequence of melanin, the accumulation of skin pigment. Brown spots on the face are often associated with hormonal changes in women and are referred to as chloasma (melanodermia), solar lentigines, in turn, are characteristic in older people who did not avoid exposure to the sun. Dark or black spots on the skin may accompany congenital metabolic diseases (e.g. alkaptonuria or melanosis). In turn white spots on the skin are accompanied by vitiligo, i.e. the dying of skin pigment cells. In turn, white skin spots are accompanied by vitiligo, i.e. skin pigment cells withering away.

Below treatments for: Skin spots

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

Photorejuvenation Krakow

Dye-VL Alma Harmony XL Pro

Photo rejuvenation is the most popular anti-age treatment due to the short convalescence period, a small number of contraindications and spectacular effects. We are able to turn back time and restore a young and radiant look to our skin thanks to the capabilities of modern lasers. Photo rejuvenation treatment is recommended for all those who have observed signs of skin aging. Light during treatment reaches deep into the skin shortening collagen fibers and stimulating fibroblasts, and cells become active and our skin begins to rebuild itself thanks to this. Thanks to photo rejuvenation, we not only sooth out small wrinkles, but get rid of sun discolorations, freckles, dilated capillaries, erythema and narrow skin pores. Photo rejuvenation treatment is most effective when we perform it in a series of 4-6 treatment sessions, depending on the needs of the skin.

Chemical Peelings Krakow

Mediderma by Sesderma.

A cosmetic treatment with the use of chemical peels is an advanced care for the skin affected by various problems. Such medical peeling work much more effectively than peeling from drugstores. The high efficiency of chemical peeling results from the development of a formula based on natural acids in high concentrations. Facial acids, however, require skillful use and this type of care should be performed only in a professional cosmetology surgery. We use medical peeling of the highest quality in our clinic using the formulations of the well-known Sesderma world brand which is one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands offering chemical peeling created using nanotechnology procedures. The active particles of the formulations reach microscopic sizes of several dozen nanometers due to this. How does this translate into the effects of using Sesderma peeling? Nano formulations are distinguished by the high concentration of active compounds, as well as excellent penetration into the skin. It is possible to compose an individual therapy perfectly suited to the current skin needs as a result of the wide range of chemical peeling, and all you need is a consultation with our expert who will accurately diagnose skin problems and reduce them by using appropriate medical peeling.

Enlarged blood vessels or discolorations on the face of the neck and neckline is a big aesthetic problem for many of us. Why is it worth choosing laser blood vessel removal and laser removal of discoloration? The answer is very simple: the innovative technology of the Alma Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL platform will cope with two problems at once, and will also firm and brighten our skin. There is no other equally effective method that can cope with these defects at the same time, and also minimize the recovery period. Of course, during the treatment, the appropriate parameters for the given change are selected (one for capillaries, another for discoloration), while the experienced specialist is able to combine 2-in-1 during one procedure, yielding great results.

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