Sagging breastsBreasts are one of the most important attributes of femininity. Breast appearance is determined by the content of fatty tissue and skin firmness. The skin supports the breast, therefore it depends on the skin condition whether the breast will retain its attractive appearance, and the skin provides it with elasticity and a beautiful shape. The skin weakens and its density decreases and the drying skin affects the breasts negatively, and sagging breasts appear. The problem with breast appearance may intensify also in the loss of fatty tissue that builds the breasts when they lose their size; it fosters the loss of the oval shape.
Sagging breasts may be a consequence of improper skin care, the lack of moisturizing and nourishing, sun exposure, and frequent hot baths. The skin also loses its firmness with age; there is a decrease in the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers as well as the disappearance of the protective hydro lipid coat. The skin loses density, becomes thin and inelastic.
Sagging breasts after pregnancy is a very common affliction. The cause is a sudden increase in breast volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which leads to the extension of collagen fibers and a decrease in skin firmness. Then even small breasts will not be properly supported and will lose their firmness. In a similar way, the breasts may lose their firmness during slimming treatment. Sudden weight loss, as well as constant weight fluctuations (alternating weight loss and weight gain) are particularly adverse to the appearance of the breasts). The result is that sagging breasts are often accompanied by stretch marks on the skin of the breasts.

Below treatments for: Sagging breasts

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

Controlling skin damage is one of the ways to stimulate skin remodeling, used in cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine treatments. Interruption of the skin’s continuity favors the emergence of local inflammation and increased synthesis of collagen fibers. One of the most-chosen treatments of this type is microneedle mesotherapy. It is an effective therapy inducing the synthesis of new collagen fibers, which leads to skin rejuvenation and reduction of certain skin defects. Most often, microneedle mesotherapy is performed on the face, neck and cleavage, as well as the scalp; other possible locations are areas of the body that require skin regeneration.

Ablative Skin resurfacing iPIXEL™ is an erbium: yag technology introduced by the Alma harmony XL pro platform. The Fractional iPIXEL ™ laser is recommended for people who want to refresh their skin and eliminate imperfections. Therapy is a great solution for those who expect rapid improvement of the condition of the skin. This technology is unrivaled in shrinking the expanded pores and exfoliates the epidermis. The resurfacing treatment of the skin gives great results by reducing wrinkles, improving the density of the skin and giving the effect of photo-cooling.

Chemical Peelings Krakow

Mediderma by Sesderma.

A cosmetic treatment with the use of chemical peels is an advanced care for the skin affected by various problems. Such medical peeling work much more effectively than peeling from drugstores. The high efficiency of chemical peeling results from the development of a formula based on natural acids in high concentrations. Facial acids, however, require skillful use and this type of care should be performed only in a professional cosmetology surgery. We use medical peeling of the highest quality in our clinic using the formulations of the well-known Sesderma world brand which is one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands offering chemical peeling created using nanotechnology procedures. The active particles of the formulations reach microscopic sizes of several dozen nanometers due to this. How does this translate into the effects of using Sesderma peeling? Nano formulations are distinguished by the high concentration of active compounds, as well as excellent penetration into the skin. It is possible to compose an individual therapy perfectly suited to the current skin needs as a result of the wide range of chemical peeling, and all you need is a consultation with our expert who will accurately diagnose skin problems and reduce them by using appropriate medical peeling.

Awarded with the “Pearl of Dermatology 2017”. Endermolift is “Face Emdermology” which, through intense massage, reduces the signs of skin aging and improves its overall condition. Treatment procedure in this technology also affect the subcutaneous tissue, thanks to which lipolysis of the adipose tissue can be increased by 70%, and the production of collagen increases by up to 240%. ENDERMOLIFT ™ is a non-aggressive and effective cell stimulation treatment that prevents aging, providing visible and lasting results. Endermolift LPG firms and improves the quality of the skin, sharpens the contour, smooth the grooves and the first wrinkles. is an excellent treatment for people of all ages. LPG has developed a 100% natural, anti-aging technology that complements the skin, relieves signs of aging, leaving the face radiant and rejuvenated. Endermolift is the only surgical technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid (+80%) * Prevention and control of signs of aging should be treated as … regular training that will mechanically stimulate the skin and its deeper layers (including subcutaneous tissue) in the most natural and painless way, respecting the skin type and its sensitivity.

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