RosaceaRosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that most often involves the middle part of the face. The first skin lesions most often appear around the nose and then spread to the cheek, chin and forehead skin, as well as the lateral area of the neck. excessive reactivity of the facial blood vessels underlies the disease, and in the initial stage of the disease the characteristic symptom is facial erythema, caused by the expansion of blood vessels (erythematous period of rosacea). Face redness is paroxysmal and is accompanied by factors that promote hyper responsiveness of blood vessels:
– stress and strong emotions
– sun exposure
– use of sauna
– a diet rich in hot spices, strong coffee and tea
– consumption of alcohol
– the use of certain drugs (glucocorticosteroids used in the form of face ointments, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, nicotinic acid, high doses of vitamin B6 and B12)
– herpes infection
The emergence of telangiectasias, dilated blood vessels occurs in the course of rosacea. Therefore, papules and pustules appear in the advanced form of the disease i.e. the papulous – pustular period. In severe cases hypertrophy and fibrosis of the sebaceous glands may occur, as well as the emergence of extensive inflammatory and hypertrophic changes that may even change facial features (hypertrophy period of the disease. This form of rosacea is found primarily in 40-60-year-old males.

Below treatments for: Rosacea

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

Chemical Peelings Krakow

Mediderma by Sesderma.

A cosmetic treatment with the use of chemical peels is an advanced care for the skin affected by various problems. Such medical peeling work much more effectively than peeling from drugstores. The high efficiency of chemical peeling results from the development of a formula based on natural acids in high concentrations. Facial acids, however, require skillful use and this type of care should be performed only in a professional cosmetology surgery. We use medical peeling of the highest quality in our clinic using the formulations of the well-known Sesderma world brand which is one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands offering chemical peeling created using nanotechnology procedures. The active particles of the formulations reach microscopic sizes of several dozen nanometers due to this. How does this translate into the effects of using Sesderma peeling? Nano formulations are distinguished by the high concentration of active compounds, as well as excellent penetration into the skin. It is possible to compose an individual therapy perfectly suited to the current skin needs as a result of the wide range of chemical peeling, and all you need is a consultation with our expert who will accurately diagnose skin problems and reduce them by using appropriate medical peeling.

Enlarged blood vessels or discolorations on the face of the neck and neckline is a big aesthetic problem for many of us. Why is it worth choosing laser blood vessel removal and laser removal of discoloration? The answer is very simple: the innovative technology of the Alma Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL platform will cope with two problems at once, and will also firm and brighten our skin. There is no other equally effective method that can cope with these defects at the same time, and also minimize the recovery period. Of course, during the treatment, the appropriate parameters for the given change are selected (one for capillaries, another for discoloration), while the experienced specialist is able to combine 2-in-1 during one procedure, yielding great results.

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