Permanent make-up removalPeople dissatisfied with the effect obtained after a permanent make-up can effectively remove pigment from the skin, which is possible with the laser Q Switch. As the most advanced laser for removing permanent makeup and tattooing, the Harmony Q Switch allows you to get rid of unwanted pigments without the risk of damaging the skin and leaving scars. Laser Harmony Q Switch gives you the ability to remove any permanent make-up, including ones with an intense tone. The treatment consists in triggering pigments introduced into the skin by a laser beam; the laser light is absorbed by the dye and leads to its decay. The dye is then removed from the body. An additional advantage of using the laser Q Switch is the lack of damage to the hair follicles when removing permanent eyebrow make-up.
Several laser treatments are required, and their final number depends on the colour and depth of the pigment embedded in the skin, as well as skin tone and individual body reactions to the laser. Permanent makeup Laser removal using the Harmony Q Switch should be repeated at intervals of a few weeks. After the treatment, redness and swelling appear on the skin and then a scab appears. The skin requires proper care at each of these stages, and this is largely dependent on the final effect of removing permanent make-up.

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All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

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