LumbagoLumbago is a severe, shooting back pain located in the sacral part and the lumbar region of the spine. It can increase when bending, lifting objects or even walking. This disorder affects a growing number of people. It may be caused by minor injuries in the spine, increased muscle tension, obesity or abnormal habits, bad posture during daily activities, or a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity.

Back pain associated with lumbago may disappear after a few days, but often can persist for up to several weeks. This disorder may therefore impede normal functioning and negatively affect our well-being.

Lumbago most often occurs in people between 30 and 55 years of age. Unfortunately, many of them belittle this problem or go for painkillers that work only for a moment. However, it is worth solving this problem immediately, using modern methods of dealing with lumbago.

Below treatments for: Lumbago, back pain

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

LPG Alliance Medical is currently the best equipment used for sports, therapeutic, relaxation massage and lymphatic drainage. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is very popular among physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine clinics around the world. The effectiveness of LPG Medical massage is confirmed clinically and despite the fact that in Poland it is mainly used for cellulite treatments. For example, in France it plays a significant role in physiotherapy treatments. Many of the world’s sports stars use LPG Medical before and after training. Major football clubs like Juventus, Real Madrid and Chelsea London have LPG Alliance Medical Cellu M6 for muscle recovery after training. LPG Alliance Cellu M6 is a therapeutic tool that it is suitable for hardened, fibrous, swollen or painful tissue thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology. It reaches hard to reach places thanks to different sizes of heads.

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