Double ChinThe second chin is one of the most common aesthetic defects, which is mainly associated with obese people. Indeed, a double chin is often associated with excessive body mass and fat accumulation below the jaw line. However, sometimes you can see the double chin of a slim person. Who can have a double chin you may ask? The reason for its formation is the loss of skin laxity on the neck, resulting, for example, from weight fluctuations, as well as the decline in skin elasticity associated with age. Over the years, the skin becomes thinner and more meagre in collagen fibers, which encourages sagging. Negligence in neck care and inadequate moisture of the skin in these areas also play a part in this.
A second chin may be a consequence of improper body posture  as well as slouching and pressing your head into your arms, and the wrong position during sleep weakens the neck muscles. Facial anatomy is another reason for the second chin, and a receding beard or a poorly drawn line of the mandible further the formation of a double chin. Genetic predisposition may also contribute to the formation of a double chin, and such a defect may occur in a family-like manner. A healthy lifestyle is also important, and reaching for a stimulant or processed food is conducive to the emergence of swelling of the facial area.

Below treatments for: Double Chin

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

Lifting threads are made of PDO fiber (polydioxanone) and serve as the name suggests a facelift or soft tissues lift. Under the PDO name we have several types of Threads (short straight, short wrap, and longer ones with hooks). The first two types are only suitable for wrinkles smoothing and skin revitalizing, however, regardless of the name, they do not have a strictly lifting character. Our clinic believes that there are less invasive and more effective treatments than threads for smoothing wrinkles, such as laser removal of wrinkles or fillings (come with us on offer), while hooked threads can successfully lift drooping cheeks, eliminate so-called “hamsters”, improve the face oval, raise eyebrows, firm the skin or make a face lift. Thanks to PDO threads, surgical lifting has become a thing of the past. Threads have a specially developed system of microscopic hooks, which are densely arranged around them in two directions. Thanks to this construction, the threads perfectly localize themselves to the tissues and maintain them for a long time, which affects the durability of the effect. PDO thread lifting is safe and requires no convalescence period and the effects last up to 2 years. The first visible effects of introducing the thread are visible immediately after the treatment; we have to wait for about 2 weeks for the final effect.

Injection Lipolysis Krakow

Shape your silhouette effectively and effortlessly

Injection lipolysis is a professional aesthetic medicine treatment that enables an effective fat tissue reduction. This treatment allows silhouette modelling in its most problematic areas that resist slimming diet or exercise. In addition, injection lipolysis can be used for the reduction of double chin resulting from the deposition of fatty deposits as well as the so-called “hamsters” and fat pads forming under-eye bags reduction.

Awarded with the “Pearl of Dermatology 2017”. Endermolift is “Face Emdermology” which, through intense massage, reduces the signs of skin aging and improves its overall condition. Treatment procedure in this technology also affect the subcutaneous tissue, thanks to which lipolysis of the adipose tissue can be increased by 70%, and the production of collagen increases by up to 240%. ENDERMOLIFT ™ is a non-aggressive and effective cell stimulation treatment that prevents aging, providing visible and lasting results. Endermolift LPG firms and improves the quality of the skin, sharpens the contour, smooth the grooves and the first wrinkles. is an excellent treatment for people of all ages. LPG has developed a 100% natural, anti-aging technology that complements the skin, relieves signs of aging, leaving the face radiant and rejuvenated. Endermolift is the only surgical technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid (+80%) * Prevention and control of signs of aging should be treated as … regular training that will mechanically stimulate the skin and its deeper layers (including subcutaneous tissue) in the most natural and painless way, respecting the skin type and its sensitivity.

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