Baldness treatmentEvery case of baldness requires proper therapy. Most often people affected by excessive hair loss reach out for hair strengthening supplements and try to enrich their diet with vitamins and minerals. Another popular solution is strengthening shampoos for hair which is falling out. Often, however, it turns out that these activities turn out to be insufficient and the hairstyle thins more and more. So how do you stop hair loss? The most effective method is aesthetic medical treatment, which affect the hair follicles directly, stimulating their work.

Platelet rich plasma for baldness

The treatment of baldness with platelet rich plasma is an effective method for strengthening hair. Platelet rich plasma is obtained from the blood collected from the patient, so it is a very safe material. Platelet-rich plasma nourishes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth due to the high content of proteins and growth factors. Plasma is given in the form of an injection into the scalp and injecting the formulation directly into the hair follicle area increases its effectiveness, since the formulation works where the problem occurs.
Platelet rich plasma can supplement the treatment of various types of baldness: postnatal, androgenic, plaque, telogen or associated with nutritional deficiencies. A series of several treatment using platelet-rich plasma provides the effect of a comprehensive hair strengthening and stimulation of their growth.

Needle mesotherapy – vitamins for baldness

Needle mesotherapy is another method of effective treatment of hair loss. Injecting the scalp with a nutritional cocktail containing vitamins and amino acids leads to nourishing the hair follicles and strengthening the hair. In addition, the very procedure of piercing the scalp with a thin needle stimulates blood circulation and induces regenerative processes. It is recommended to perform a series of about 6-8 needle mesotherapy treatment procedures for an optimal effect of strengthening hair loss. After that, you can continue therapy by performing reminder treatments with less frequency.
Both needle mesotherapy of the scalp and platelet-rich plasma injections are safe and associated with minimally painful treatments lasting several dozen minutes, after treatment, redness of the scalp and a feeling of skin tension are possible. The treatment of needle mesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma for hair can be performed for therapeutic purposes and prophylactically. When it is part of the baldness therapy, intense therapy is initially recommended, for example, one treatment procedure per week for a period of two months, and then sustaining the effects i.e. one treatment per month for a period of six months. Recent studies indicate that the combination of needle mesotherapy or platelet-rich plasma with the treatment of carboxytherapy providing much better results in the treatment of baldness.

Below treatments for: Baldness treatment

All treatments are preceded by a medical or cosmetological consultation in order to select the appropriate treatment.

Carbosyntheraphy Krakow

New! Carbosyntherapy Julie Awarded with many prizes

Carbosyntherapy is a procedure of aesthetic medicine using carbon dioxide and is a universal treatment which can be used on the face and body. Carbon dioxide is inserted under the skin with a thin needle, which aims to improve blood microcirculation, nutrition of tissues, reduction of adipose tissue and firming of the skin.

Vampire facelift, a procedure with the use of platelet rich plasma is one of the most effective and the most natural rejuvenating treatments, recognized for it’s high safety. The use of platelet-rich plasma allows stimulation of natural regenerative processes and comprehensive biostimulation of skin cells. The use of platelet-rich plasma obtained from a patient’s blood sample allows obtaining a safe and very effective preparation, used without fear of allergic reaction. Vampire lifting is therefore an excellent treatment for people with allergies who cannot undergo rejuvenating treatments using synthetic preparations. In addition to full biocompatibility, platelet-rich plasma is recognized for its great effectiveness. After blood centrifugation, a blood-derived preparation rich in platelets, growth factors and unique proteins – fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin – can be obtained. This composition of ingredients makes the platelet-rich plasma material perfectly stimulating the work of fibroblasts, which translates into advanced skin regeneration. The treatment with platelet-rich plasma stimulates collagen synthesis, stimulates the multiplication and growth of epidermal cells, as well as microcirculation of the blood, improving skin oxygenation.

Needle Mesotherapy Krakow

Face, neck and cleavage

Needle mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure for the skin regeneration and rejuvenation. The essence of the treatment is the intradermal introduction of active compounds – in this way the epidermal barrier is overcome, through which many compounds applied on the surface of the skin do not penetrate. In addition, the puncture itself is an impulse for the skin to remodel itself by increasing the synthesis of collagen fibers and improving blood microcirculation. Undoubtedly, another advantage of needle mesotherapy is the application of therapy exactly in those areas of the skin that require revitalization.

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