How to get rid of cellulite

jak się pozbyć cellulitu

The orange skin is not only characteristic of women who are overweight or obese. More and more slim women complain about cellulite. Fighting with an orange skin is difficult, and the effects are visible only after some time. However, if you are determined, start today. Just a bit of mobilization and strong will.

1. Diet to fight cellulite

Cellulite, occurs in over 80% of women. Its creation is caused by: unhealthy diet, low active lifestyle, dysfunction of circulatory and lymphatic systems. Cellulite is usually deposited on the buttocks and thighs.

Unhealthy diet contributes to the creation of a little aesthetic orange peel. In addition to cellulite, many women complain about emerging stretch marks. The right diet, which should include a lot of fruit and vegetables, is very important. Limit the number of calories consumed. Drink more water, green and red tea. Water is a source of health. Cleans the body of toxins. It’s good to limit coffee, alcohol and salt, and replace fried foods with boiled ones.

2. Physical activity and cosmetics in the fight against cellulite

Sport is a great way to cellulite and stretch marks. Daily physical activity improves the condition, affects our health and appearance. Even a daily 30 minute walk, swimming, cycling will have a beneficial effect not only on your health but also on cellulite reduction. How about doing exercises at home? Currently, we have access to many programs of well-known trainers that can be performed at a convenient time without leaving your home.

3. Endermology for improving the appearance of the skin

A 100% natural, non-invasive and effective method of mechanical skin stimulation, which naturally reactivates cell metabolism. It works on the release of fat and sagging skin, while fully respecting the biological balance of the whole body.

After 30 years of research, the French company LPG has created an innovative patent enermologie® Alliance for natural regeneration and stimulation of tissues. The revolutionary technology allowed to combine three aspects, so important for obtaining the best treatment effects: reduction of fat tissue, smoothing cellulite and firming the skin, reducing the time of surgery (30 minutes) and the number of repetitions of the procedure.

Innovative treatment head – NEW PATENT

The automatic rollers known for their effectiveness have been enriched with a motorized flap that allows multidimensional penetration of the tissue. The three different movements required so far with the treatment head, thanks to the new patent connecting the motorized roller and the flap, have been replaced by a simple head-skin contact system, which affects the sensation of the treatment. The new patent guarantees an even more comfortable treatment, while affecting five aspects:

– Your skin will be firmer and smoother,

– you will get rid of body fat,

– you will reduce cellulite,

– you will shape the figure,

– you will make the stretch marks significantly smaller.

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