Microneedle mesotherapy Krakow

Controlling skin damage is one of the ways to stimulate skin remodeling, used in cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine treatments. Interruption of the skin’s continuity favors the emergence of local inflammation and increased synthesis of collagen fibers. One of the most-chosen treatments of this type is microneedle mesotherapy. It is an effective therapy inducing the synthesis of new collagen fibers, which leads to skin rejuvenation and reduction of certain skin defects. Most often, microneedle mesotherapy is performed on the face, neck and cleavage, as well as the scalp; other possible locations are areas of the body that require skin regeneration.

microneedle mesotherapy

The course of microneedle mesotherapy:

The treatment begins with skin anesthesia with lidocaine cream, and then a specific area of the skin is treated with a roller equipped with microscopic titanium needles. Administration of formulations containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C, silicon or amino acids among others, take place after the skin is punctured. The emergence of micro puncture in the skin triggers a number of desired changes. The most important of them are:
– stimulation of blood microcirculation
– activation of growth factors and stimulation of cell division
– intensification of regenerative processes
– stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers
It is possible to activate auto regeneration processes thanks to such controlled skin damage and induction of local inflammation. At the same time there is no violation of the epidermal barrier, thanks to the optimization of the puncture depth of the skin. Therefore, the healing process runs smoothly and is not subjected to negative influences of external factors.

The effects of microneedle mesotherapy

The effects of microneedle mesotherapy are primarily an increase in the thickness of the skin, its elasticity and brightening, smoothing of small wrinkles, reduction of scars and discoloration, reducing the visibility of stretch marks or cellulite, and stimulating hair growth and inhibiting their excessive loss. It is worth performing several treatments, repeated at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks for an optimal effect.
Redness and swelling appear following microneedle mesotherapy, which disappears spontaneously up to three days. In the period of skin healing, it is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun, mechanical irritation of the skin and the use of skin-soothing formulations.
The biggest advantage of microneedle mesotherapy is the price, as well as the safety of the treatment. Other noteworthy features are the lack of preparation for surgery and the ability to perform the treatment at any time of the year. The treatment is also distinguished by the versatility of applications i.e. microneedle mesotherapy of the head supports baldness therapy, microneedle mesotherapy facial rejuvenation, and the procedure performed on the body firms the skin and removes all imperfections.


Performing a series of 6 treatments allows you to obtain the effect:
  • skin revitalization,
  • reducing the visibility of skin pores,
  • smoothing out wrinkles,
  • increased tension,
  • increasing the thickness and elasticity of the skin,
  • eliminating discoloration,
  • shallowing scars,
  • cellulite removal,
  • elimination of stretch marks
  • baldness treatment


  • allergy,
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • decompensated diabetes,
  • inflammation and purulent conditions on the skin,
  • herpes,
  • cancer disease,
  • hair removal in the surgical site,
  • therapy with vitamin A,
  • prone to keloids,
  • use of anticoagulants,
  • The tendency to the formation of keloids,
  • Surgical procedures performed within the surgical site (up to 3 months).
  Post treatment:
  • we recommend not applying make-up immediately after the treatment for 24 hours,
  • use of high protection filters to protect against UVA and UVB radiation,
  • the use of formulations that accelerate skin regeneration – up to 7 days,
  • do not exfoliate the skin mechanically,
Microneedle mesotherapy Krakow
Procedure 1 Procedure (PLN) Package (PLN) Package (PLN)
Microneedle mesotherapy
face 300
face+neck 350
face+neck+cleavage 400
body 350
derma roller 100

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