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Gold Herla facial treatment

Facial skin is constantly exposed to environmental factors, moreover, the face is exposed to the formation of wrinkles due to the rich facial expressions. It is not surprising then that it is on your face and you can quickly see signs of passing time, as well as stress or unhealthy lifestyle. It is worth performing professional facial treatments in order to compensate for the tired facial expression and reduce the signs of aging.

gold facial treatment

Many people consider performing facial treatments, sometimes dictated by a dazzling look at an important occasion, but also by the desire for impeccable everyday appearance or prevention of facial skin aging. Then, cosmetic facial treatments turn out to be a great solution. It is an excellent alternative to ineffective face treatments at home, using cosmetics, but also for many invasive beauty treatments offered by aesthetic medicine. Rejuvenatingfacial treatments are a solution chosen mainly by people who have already noticed skin drying and wrinkles on themselves. These are therefore ideal facial treatments for those into their 40s or 50s; of course, there are also facial treatments for those in their 30s, for example cosmetic moisturizing treatments for the face, illuminating the skin or eliminating the first wrinkles. For such a facial treatment to bring the desired effect, it must be made using the highest quality formulations, based on natural ingredients and distinguished by excellent bioavailability. Then one-time facial treatment will result in rejuvenation, restoration of radiance and colour, and improvement of skin elasticity.

Gold Herla facial treatment

Gold is one of the most luxurious beauty ingredients. It was used thousands of years ago; nowadays it is also used to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. 24-carat gold is the most important ingredient in the unique Herla cosmetics brand, which offers only cosmetics of natural origin, not tested on animals and is environmentally friendly. Herla’s innovative recipes include what is most valuable in nature, while using the latest anti-aging technologies. The composition of cosmetics is based on active substances obtained from certified, organic crops, free from parabens and preservatives.
Gold Herla treatment provides spectacular effects of skin revitalization, with effectiveness comparable to aesthetic medicine treatments. Thanks to the use of 24K gold, it is possible to deeply nourish the skin; gold can penetrate into the basal layer of the epidermis. The gold Herla facial treatment is dedicated to dry, dehydrated, tired, gray and mature skin, where signs of aging are noticeable. The use of formulations enriched with microscopic gold particles provides the following  effects which are immediately noticeable:
– skin lightening and illumination
– skin moisturizing
– shallow fine wrinkles
– narrowing of skin pores
– supporting skin regeneration
– reduction of small skin imperfections, acne, blackheads

Gold also has antibacterial properties, protects the skin against the harmful effects of environmental factors, and can also alleviate skin lesions in the course of psoriasis or inflammation.
Performing a quick, non-invasive, safe and relaxing treatment with the use of gold enables immediate refreshing and rejuvenation of the face. This type of beauty treatment will work well before prior to any special occasion; you can opt for such advanced skin care without a special occasion. This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to immediately take care of their impeccable appearance, remove signs of tiredness and time from the face and dazzle with luminous and young skin

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