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Dermapen is a skin micro-puncture technology with versatile use. The micromesotherapy treatment uses an innovative device that enables controlled puncturing of the skin to a specific depth. The puncture process itself stimulates the physiological mechanisms of skin regeneration, and the possibility of increasing the penetration rate of nutritional cocktails applied to the skin contributes to the comprehensive improvement of the skin condition. Due to the universal application of the skin puncture treatment, Dermapen can be used, among others, in order to reduce acne scars or stretch marks, skin firmness and baldness therapy.


What is Dermapen 4 technology?

Dermapen is a small device equipped with special needles and a motor that allows to perform punctures with an impressive frequency. Each element of the device is thought out to the smallest detail. The device contains 16 molybdenum needles, which are free of nickel and chromium – which enables the treatment of people allergic to these metals. The use of molybdenum needles has one more advantage – this one of the most advanced materials used in medicine is distinguished by its great durability, so it is possible to use very thin needles. With these needles, you can make up to 1,300 punctures per second, which is possible thanks to the AOVN technology – oscillating skin puncture. The device offers a choice of four puncturing speeds, as well as a precise determination of the puncture depth in the range of 0.2 – 3 mm.

The advantage of the Dermapen 4 over its predecessors is the extremely precise digital control of the puncture depth as well as the puncture speed. Another innovation concerns the use of not 12, but 16 needles, which – taking into account the huge frequency of punctures – significantly increases the number of punctures performed during the procedure. Moreover, Dermapen 4 enables fractional puncturing without the skin tightening effect. All this ensures high effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

How does Dermapen 4 work?

The Dermapen 4 treatment consists in fractional puncturing of the skin to a specific depth. The system of pulsating needles enables the introduction of active substances into the epidermis and dermis. In addition, the oscillating skin puncture is extremely effective in stimulating the natural regeneration processes. The skin puncture itself is therefore the starting point for advanced skin remodeling treatments that continue long after the treatment is completed. The occurrence of skin microdamages generated by Dermapen puncture initiates a cascade of positive changes, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the condition of the skin. In the first stage of skin reconstruction, the secretion of platelet-derived growth factors is intensified and the formation of new epidermal cells is activated. The increased proliferation of fibroblasts results in the increased synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and the processes of neoangiogenesis, i.e. the formation of new blood vessels. All these processes result in a comprehensive reconstruction of the skin, increasing its density and elasticity, as well as reducing skin imperfections such as scars, discoloration or fine wrinkles.

Indications for the Dermapen treatment 4

The Dermapen treatment can be performed in various locations – both on the face and on the body. Thanks to its small size, it is possible to perform the treatment on such hard-to-reach areas as the mouth and eyes. And at the same time – thanks to the precise control of the depth and frequency of punctures, the treatment can be performed even on very delicate skin under the eyes. The indications for the Dermapen 4 treatment are mainly:

– uneven skin tone, gray complexion

– occurrence of fine wrinkles

– enlarged skin pores

– loss of skin elasticity

– discoloration

– acne scars

– the need to revitalize the delicate eye and mouth area

– scar removal

– stretch marks removal

– hand rejuvenation

– firming and rejuvenating the neck and cleavage area

– elimination of shadows under the eyes

– cellulite removal

– therapy of excessive hair loss and alopecia.

How is the Dermapen 4 treatment performed?

Dermapen 4 is a procedure that does not require any special skin preparation. Of course, it is necessary to consult a doctor before the procedure. The procedure itself lasts several dozen minutes and begins with the application of an anesthetic cream. Then the skin is punctured using the Dermapen 4. The puncture is supplemented with the application of nutritional cocktails, and finally – a soothing preparation. After the treatment, reddening of the skin appears, it is also possible for a little bleeding to appear. After 3 – 4 days from the treatment, it is possible to gently exfoliate the skin, and after 7 days the first effects of the treatment are noticeable. It is important to cleanse the skin with gentle cleansing preparations immediately after the treatment, and use sunscreen for at least a week after the treatment. The Dermapen 4 treatment should be repeated every 3 – 6 weeks, and the optimal number of treatments is 4 to 6.

Dermapen 4 treatment effects

Dermapen 4 is a treatment that allows you to correct the appearance of the skin on the face and body. Performing the treatment always makes the skin more flexible and increases its density, which is a consequence of its puncturing and compensatory regeneration processes. But this is not the only effect of the treatment – it is possible to remove undesirable skin changes occurring in the area of ​​the treated skin. The effect of the Dermapen treatment can therefore be the revitalization and rejuvenation of the skin, the smoothing of fine wrinkles and an increase in skin tension. The skin that is gray and lacks radiance regains its healthy color. Other effects of the treatment are, among others, reduction of enlarged skin pores, various scars – postoperative, burns, acne scars, as well as elimination of stretch marks and smoothing cellulite. In addition, the effect of reducing skin hyperpigmentation can be obtained. And the application of the Dermapen 4 treatment on the scalp is an extremely effective complement to the baldness treatment. To maximize the effects of the Dermapen treatment, it is worth performing a combined therapy, supplementing the skin puncture with a platelet-rich plasma treatment and carboxytherapy.

Contraindications to the Dermapen 4 treatment

Not everyone can perform the Dermapen procedure, hence the need for a medical consultation before the procedure in order to rule out contraindications. And the most important factors that prevent the procedure from being performed are:

– pregnancy and lactation

– cancer

– inflammation or skin infections

– acne

– herpes

– autoimmune skin diseases

– blood clotting disorders

– tendency to develop hypertrophic scars

– diabetes

– epilepsy.

Procedure 1 Procedure (PLN) Package (PLN) Package (PLN)
Dermapen 4
package of 4 treatments package of 6 treatments
face 700 2800 2500 4200 3700
neck 700 2800 2500 4200 3700
cleavage 700 2800 2500 4200 3700
face+neck 900 3600 3200 5400 4500
face+neck+cleavage 1100 4400 4000 6600 5500
buttocks or bust or calves from 700 from2800 from 2500 from 4200 from 3700
thighs front or back or inside from 700 from 2800 from 2500 from 4200 from 3700
stomach 700-1000 from 2800 from 2500 from 4200 from 3700
back 700-1300 from 2800 from 2500 from 4200 from 3700

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