Cavitation peeling Krakow

Cavitation peeling is a non-invasive, painless method of deep cleansing of the face, cleavage and back. This is an excellent alternative to manual facial cleansing, as well as advanced cleansing treatments that require longer skin regeneration. Cavitation peeling is a cocktail procedure that can be done before a special occasion, without the need for convalescence.

Cavitation peeling

What is cavitation peeling?

Skin cleansing treatment with the use of cavitation peeling consists in the application of ultrasonic waves, which cause cavitation in the aquatic environment. Cavitation occurs with the formation of gas bubbles in the liquid (water or moisturizing tonic). Gas bubbles break, leading to the removal of dead skin cells and their effective exfoliation. Cavitation peeling works on the surface of the skin, exfoliating only the surface layers of the epidermis.

It is possible to remove dead skin, unblock pores and remove blackheads thanks to cavitation. Cavitation peeling also provides the effect of hydration and smoothing the skin, improves skin oxygenation and nutrition, stimulates microcirculation of blood in the skin.

Cavitation peeling – indications for treatment

Cavitation peeling can be performed on any type of skin, so it is a universal treatment. Such skin cleansing is ideal for oily, acne, mixed, sensitive and capillary skin. Cavitation peeling can also be made in the case of sallow, dull, and skin lacking colour and radiance, and also affected by laxity and first wrinkles.

Cavitation peeling treatment should be carried out in order to:

– cleansing the skin of blackheads

– removing callous epidermis

– normalization of sebum secretion

– improvement of micro blood circulation

– improving the cell renewal processes in the skin

– skin hydration

– smoothing the skin

– regeneration of the skin

– alleviation of acne lesions

– increasing the skin’s absorption capacity towards active compounds provided in nutritional formulations

Cavitation peeling – a description of the procedure

The treatment of cavitation peeling takes about several dozen minutes, and it is best to show up without make-up for the procedure. How does cavitation peeling work? Step-by-step treatment is as follows:

– the skin is cleansed of surface impurities

– the skin is treated with a non-alcoholic tonic or saline

– a special type of spatula is applied to the skin, which emits ultrasonic frequency oscillations; micro-massage of the skin is performed by changing the position of the spatula

cavitation peeling treatment usually ends with the application of a nutritional mask

Cavitation peeling is a painless and pleasant treatment, after the treatment the skin may be slightly red, but this symptom quickly disappears spontaneously.

Cavitation peeling – recommendations after the procedure

The treatment of cavitation peeling is a safe and minimally invasive procedure. You should avoid using the pool, sauna or sunbathing every day. Do not apply makeup to the skin for 24 hours after the procedure. It is necessary to use UV filters for seven days following the treatment.

Cavitation peeling – the frequency of the treatment

The single execution of cavitation peeling brings a spectacular effect of skin cleansing and refreshing. However, it is recommended to perform a series of treatments, and count on maintaining the effect of impeccably cleansed complexion. How often should cavitation peeling be performed? The best effects are achieved by repeating the surgery every 3 – 4 weeks. It is worth performing one treatment per month in order to sustain the effects.

Cavitation peeling – contraindications

Contraindications to perform cavitation peeling are above all:

– pregnancy

– cancer

– cardiac pacemaker

– metal implants

– teeth braces

– circulatory insufficiency

– febrile states

Cavitation peeling Krakow
Procedure 1 Procedure (PLN) Package (PLN) Package (PLN)
Cavitation peeling
Cavitation peeling face with algae mask 200
Cavitation peeling face + neck with algae mask 250
Cavitation peeling face neck cleavage with algae mask 300

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