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Carbosyntherapy is a procedure of aesthetic medicine using carbon dioxide and is a universal treatment which can be used on the face and body. Carbon dioxide is inserted under the skin with a thin needle, which aims to improve blood microcirculation, nutrition of tissues, reduction of adipose tissue and firming of the skin.


Carbosytherapy is the perfect treatment for the face and body

When injected under the skin, carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid. This generates a number of physiological and metabolic changes, the most important of which are:
– increase in blood vessel permeability, which promotes intensive tissue regeneration
– increased oxygen release from hemoglobin, which ensures oxygenation of tissues
– stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers
– intensified oxidation of fatty acids, which ensures the effect of reducing body fat

Carbosyntherapy can replace other aesthetic medicine treatments, such as laser therapy or more invasive beauty treatments as a result of so many active mechanisms. Carbosytherapy treatment can be used for the purpose of:
– reducing body fat and body shaping
– reducing stretch marks and scars
– eliminating under-eye bags and shadows under the eyes (under-eye carbosyntherapy surgery)
– reducing wrinkles
– firming of the skin on the face and body
– reducing cellulite
– inhibiting excessive hair loss

Carbosyntherapy of the head

Carbosyntherapy is a treatment that effectively supports baldness therapy. Above all, the excess hair requires strengthening and nourishing the only living part of the hair, i.e. the hair bulb. It is anchored in the skin thanks to the hair follicles. Stimulation of blood circulation in the scalp favours activation of the hair follicles, which means a limitation of hair loss, as well as its more intensive growth. The use of carbosyntherapy on the scalp leads to effective activation of microcirculation, ensuring oxygenation of the hair follicles and providing them with blood with all necessary ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. In addition, carbon dioxide aids the formation of new blood vessels. Such baldness therapy turns out to be much more effective than the commonly used supplementation or care of hair-strengthening shampoos. In addition, it is worth combining carbosyntherapy with mesotherapy treatments in order to intensify baldness treatment.

Carbosyntherapy with endermology

People looking for effective and non-invasive treatments to support weight loss and body firming, sometimes consider choosing carbosyntherapy or endermology. The answer is only one: it is best to decide on both treatments. Such combination therapy brings spectacular effects in body modeling and slimming. Each of these treatments is a safe and painless way to achieve the desired shape.

Carbosyntherapy provides the effect of breaking down fat cells from which fatty acids are released. In turn, LPG endermologies LPG enable the elimination of released fat particles. It is a treatment of specialized, deep lymphatic massage with the use of innovative equipment. The use of massage rollers and vacuum pressure enables stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. This results in the removal of fatty acids released from fat deposits during the acoustic wave treatment. In addition, all toxins and excess water are removed along with excess water. The result is noticeable reduction in body circumferences, reduction of cellulite and stretch marks. Oxygenated and nourished skin, from which toxins are removed, becomes firm and full of radiance. Ultimately, you can get a slim and firm figure in a short time. The alternate use of carbosyntherapy and endermology is the most effective way to reduce cellulite and increase the density and elasticity of the skin.

The course of carbosyntherapy treatment

Non-invasive carbosyntherapy is a safe procedure associated with minimal pain sensations. At one time, cold gas was used for subcutaneous injections, which generated a lot of pain. These days, heated carbon dioxide is used, as well as specialized apparatus equipped with very thin needles, which reduces the painfulness of the procedure. The treatment may last from 10 to several dozen minutes depending on the area of the skin subjected to carbosyntherapy.   Redness of the skin may be noticeable for a short time after Carbosyntherapy treatment, as well as slight skin bumps, however, these symptoms quickly pass. The first effects of carbosyntherapy are noticeable after 3 -4 treatment procedures, while full therapy includes about 10 treatment sessions carried out at 7-14 day intervals. Then it is worth performing repeat treatments with the frequency of one treatment every several months. The effects of carbosyntherapy include the reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite, as well as skin firming. In addition to modeling the figure, it is possible to reduce stretch marks following carbosyntherapy treatments. Carbosyntherapy for the face gives the effect of smoothing and elasticizing the skin, reducing discoloration, as well as bruising and bags under the eyes. In contrast, carbosyntherapy of the head limits excessive hair loss and effectively supports the treatment of baldness.

Carbosyntherapy contraindications

– heart disease
– lung disease
– cancer
– epilepsy
– decompensated diabetes
– abnormal blood pressure
– skin infection
– skin healing disorders
– pregnancy and breast-feeding
– use of drugs that reduce blood clotting

What are the side effects of carbosyntherapy? Complications mainly concern treatments performed by people with inadequate qualifications and most often have the form of skin infections, hematomas and edema.

Carbosyntheraphy Krakow
Procedure 1 Procedure (PLN) Package (PLN) Package (PLN)
Carbosyntheraphy Julie
Carbosyntheraphy Julie face
package of 5 treatments package of 10 treatments
face 150 750 650 1500 1200
face+neck 200 1000 900 2000 1700
face+neck+cleavage 250 1250 1100 2500 2100
neck 150 750 700 1500 1300
cleavage 150 900 800 1800 1500
eye area 100 500 450 1000 800
chin 100 500 450 1000 800
head 150 750 650 1500 1200
Carbosyntheraphy Julie body
package of 5 treatments package of 10 treatments
Single body part 150 750 650 1500 1200
Tho body parts 250 1250 1100 2500 2000
stretch marks 100-300 -10% -20%
scars 100-400 -10% -20%

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